Tuesday, March 26th, 2019



American witches: a broomstick tour through four centuries
by Susan Fair Call number: BF1573.F35 2016

The Middle Ages: everyday life in medieval Europe
by Jeffrey L. Singman Call number: D119. S55 2013

Ancient Greece: everyday life in the birthplace of western civilization
by Robert Garland Call number: DF78.G274 2013

The age of the Vikings
by Anders Winroth Call number: DL65.W63 2014

Viking Age: everyday life during the extraordinary era of the Norsemen
by Kirsten Wolf Call number: DL65.W655 2013

Ancient Egypt: everyday life in the land of the Nile
by Bob Brier & Hoyt Hobbs Call number: DT61.B6845 2009

Days in the lives of social workers: 58 professionals tell “real-life” stories from social work practice
by Linda May Grobman, editor Call number: HV40.8.U6 D39 2012

Outlander: Season one volume one [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.O98 2015

Outlander: Season one volume two [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.77.O98 2015

Outlander: Season Two [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.77.O98 2016

Jason Bourne [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.9.A3 B65 2016

Hell or high water [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.H45 2016

Sully [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.S85 2016

Romantic outlaws: the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley
by Charlotte Gordon Call number: PR5841.W8 Z716 2015

Atonement: a novel
by Ian McEwan Call number: PR6063.C4 A88 2003

The life we bury: a novel
by Allen EskensCall number: PS3605.S49 L54 2014

My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry: a novel
by Fredrik Backman Call number: PT9877.12.A32 M5613 2016

The Grisha trilogy
by Leigh Bardugo Call number: PZ7.B25024 Gr 2016


The art of Michelangelo
by Nathaniel Harris Call number: N6923.B9 H3 1981

Ghost [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.G444 1990

The hunger games: Catching fire [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.H867 2014

The imitation game [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.I45 2015

Greater [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.G74 2016

Six of crows
by Leigh Bardugo Call number: PZ7.B25024 Sk 2015

Crooked kingdom : A Sequel to Six Crows
by Leigh Bardugo Call number: PZ7.B25024 Sk 2016

Waters luminous & deep: shorter fictions
by Meredith Ann Pierce Call number: PZ7.P61453 Wat 2005

History of wolves: a novel
by Emily Fridlund Call number: PS3606.R536 H57 2017

The happy hooker: stitch ‘n bitch crochet
by Debbie Stoller Call number: TT820.S857 2006


Eric Carle’s animals, animals poems compiled
by Laura Whipple Call number: PN6110.A7 C37 1999

Pink is just a color and so is blue
by Niki Bhatia Call number: PZ7.B4385 Pi 2012

Have you seen my cat?
by Eric Carle Call number: PZ7.C21476 Hav 1996

Little cloud
by Eric Carle Call number: PZ7.C21476 Li 1999

The mixed-up chameleon
by Eric Carle Call number: PZ7.C21476 Mi 1984

The very hungry caterpillar
by Eric Carle Call number: PZ7.C21476 Ve 1995

Alien opposites: pull tab: a concept book
by Matthew Van Fleet Call number: PZ7.V295 Ali 2000

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
by Bill Martin, Jr. Call number: PZ8.3.M418 Br 1996

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book
by Eric Carle Call number: QA113.C268 1997


Daughters of the Inquisition: medieval madness: origins and aftermath
by Christina Crawford Call number: BL473.5.C73 2004

The lost City of the Monkey God: a true story
by Douglas Preston Call number: F1509.M9 P74 2017

Raising a left-brain child in a right-brain world: strategies for helping bright, quirky, socially awkward children to thrive at home and at school by Katharine Beals Call number: HQ773.5.B425 2009

13 hours: the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi
by Mitchell Zuckoff with members of the Annex security team Call number: HV6433.L75 Z83 2014

Citizenfour [DVD] Call number: JF1525.W45 C58 2015

Open water [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.S87 O65 2004

Deepwater horizon [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.D447 2017

The magnificent seven [DVD] Call number:PN1997.2.M346 2016

The revenant [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.R485 2016

Snowden [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.S66 2016

The girl with no name
by Diney Costeloe Call number: PR6103.O853 G57 2016

The whistler
by John Grisham Call number: PS3557.R5355 W48 2016

Everything you want me to be
by Mindy Mejia Call number: PS3613.E4443 E94 2016

Spilled milk by K.L. Randis Call number: PS3618.A64245 S65 2016

The complete guide to Asperger’s syndrome
by Tony Attwood Call number: RC553.A88 A88 2008

Freaks, geeks and Asperger Syndrome: a user guide to adolescence
by Luke Jackson Call number: RJ506.A9 J326 2002

The siege: a family’s journey into the world of an autistic child
by Clara Claiborne Park Call number: RJ506.A9 P3 1995

All I can handle, I’m no Mother Teresa: a life raising three daughters with autism
by Kim Stagliano Call number: RJ506.A9 S724 2010


The owl and the pussycat
by Edward Lear Call number: PR4879.L2 O9 1997b

Today is Monday
by Eric Carle Call number: PZ7.C21476 To 2002

The snowy day
by Ezra Jack Keats Call number: PZ7.K2253 Sn 1996

Please, baby, please
by Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee Call number: PZ7.L514857 Pl 2002

Ain’t no mountain high enough Call number: PZ7.S6438 Ai 2002

My girl Call number: PZ7.S6438 My 2001

Pride and joy Call number: PZ7.S6438 Pr 2002

The way you do the things you do Call number: PZ7.S6438 Way 2002

April 2017

Ethical theories: a book of readings
A. I. Melden, editor Call number: BJ37.M4 1967

You can if you think you can
by Norman Vincent Peale Call number: BJ1611.P285 1974

World atlas concise
Call number: REF G1021.D2776 2001

Pipe dreams: greed, ego, and the death of Enron
by Robert Bryce Call number: HD9502.U54 E573 2002

Conspiracy of fools: a true story
by Kurt EichenwaldCall number: HD9502.U54 E5736 2005

Dalí illustrator
by Eduard Fornés Call number: ND813.D3 F67 2016

DC:0-3R : Diagnostic classification of mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood
by the DC:0-3R Revision Task Force Call number: RJ500.5.D53 2005

Quick facts for NCLEX® 2016
by Regina M. Callion RN, BSN Call number: RT55.C35 2016

Nursing mnemonics: 108 memory tricks to demolish nursing school
by Jon Haws, RN CCRN, Tarang Patel, RN BSN CCRN RPh Call number: RT71.H39 2016

May 2017

Storm of steel
by Ernst Jünger; translated with an introduction by Michael Hofmann Call number: D640.J69313 2016

Eyewitness Auschwitz: three years in the gas chambers
by Filip Müller Call number: D805.5.A96 M85 1999

The zookeeper’s wife
by Diane Ackerman Call number: DS134.64.A25 2008

I have lived a thousand years: growing up in the Holocaust
by Livia Bitton-Jackson Call number: DS135.H93 J33 1999

Big agenda: President Trump’s plan to save America
by David Horowitz Call number: E901.1.T79 H67 2017

The lost city of Z: a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon
by David Grann Call number: F2546.G747 2010

Turn right at Machu Picchu: rediscovering the lost city one step at a time
by Mark Adams Call number: F3429.1.M3 A43 2011

Stone offerings: Machu Picchu’s terraces of enlightenment
by Mike Torrey Call number: F3429.1.M3 T677 2009

The old leather man: historical accounts of a Connecticut and New York legend edited
by Dan W. Deluca Call number: HV4504.D45 2008

The house of the dead: Siberian exile under the tsars
by Daniel Beer Call number: HV9712.B44 2017

The conspiracy that will not die: how the Rothschild cabal is driving America into one world government
by Robert Gates, Sr. Call number: JZ1318.G374 2011

The know your Bill of Rights book
by Sean Patrick Call number: KF4749.P38 2013

Kehinde Wiley: an economy of grace [DVD]
by Jeff Dupre Call number: ND1329.W545 A4 2014

Heartland [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.H43 2000

Healed by Grace [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.H43 2012

Hidden figures [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.H53 2017

Silence [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.S55 2017

The letter
by Kathryn Hughes Call number: PR6108 2015

The orphan’s tale
by Pam Jenoff Call number: PS3610.E562 O77 2017

Deep blue [DVD]
Call number: QH541.5.S3 D447 2006


Lost city: the discovery of Machu Picchu
by Ted Lewin Call number: F3429.1.M3 L49 2003

The Inca empire
by Sandra Newman Call number: F3429.N484 2010

June 2017

$aving Banksy [DVD]
Call number: ND2590.S28 2017

The founder [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.F679 2017

Gold [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.G65 2017

John Wick [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.J68 2015

La La Land [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.L3 2017

Lion [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.L566 2017

The handmaid’s tale
by Margaret Atwood Call number: PR9199.3.A8 H3 2017

Turbo twenty-three: a Stephanie Plum novel
by Janet Evanovich Call number: PS3555.V2126 T87 2016

The march of the penguins [DVD]
Call number: QL696.S473 M37 2005

July 2017

The secret [DVD]
Call number: BF637.S4 S43 2006

Moments of truth with Stephen Ambrose [DVD]
Call number: D769.M65 2012

The pharmacist of Auschwitz: the untold story of Victor Capesius
by Patricia Posner Call number: DD247.P676 2017

Jungle of stone: the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya
by William Carlsen Call number: F1435.C31585 2016

Big men [DVD]
Call number: HD9577.G42 B54 2015

Fences [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.F3669 2017

Much ado about nothing [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.M83 M83 2003

John Wick: Chapter 2 [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.J68 2017

The Shack [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.S53 2017

The Shawshank redemption [DVD]
Call number: PS3561.I483 S43 2006

Before we were yours: a novel
by Lisa Wingate Call number: PS3573.I53165 B44 2017

It could be worse
by August Sommers Call number: PS3619.O66 I7 2017

Who said women are the weaker sex?
by August Sommers Call number: PS3619.O66 W46 2017


Down home in Arkansas: a family reunion story
by Maria Hoskins Call number: PZ7.H826 2016

Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner
by Maria Hoskins Call number: PZ7.H7933 Gr 2015

Christmas night on the farm
by Maria Hoskins Call number: PZ7.1.H673 Ch 2014

September 2017

The four noble truths: fundamentals of Buddhist teachings
by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama Call number: BQ4230.B7813 1997

A thousand tears falling: the true story of a Vietnamese family torn apart by war, communism, and the CIA
by Yung Krall Call number: DS559.5.K73 1995

Downton Abbey: Season 6 [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.77.D69 2016

The lost city of Z [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.L67 2017

Logan [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.L643 2017

The Wolverine [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.W6584 2013

X2: X-men united [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.X29 2005

X-Men: The last stand [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.X64 2006

X-Men: days of future past [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.X65 2014

X-Men: Apocalypse [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.X535 2016

X-Men [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.X546 2000

The young pope [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.77.Y68 2017

Fledgling: a novel by Octavia E. Butler
Call number: PS3552.U827 F47 2005

by Octavia E. Butler Call number: PS3552.U827 P39 1995

The neon lawyer
by Victor Methos Call number: PS3613.E884 N46 2014

The burning times
by Jeanne Kalogridis Call number: PS3651.A41675 B87 2001

Pox Americana: the great smallpox epidemic of 1775-82
by Elizabeth A. Fenn Call number: RC183.49.F46 2002

Exam Cram: NCLEX-RN practice questions 5th ed.
by Wilda Rinehart, Diann Sloan, Clara Hurd Call number: REF RT55.R565 2017

Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-PN examination , 6th ed.
by Linda Anne Silvestri Call number: REF RT62.S53 2016

October 2017

Practicing mindfulness: an introduction to meditation [DVD + Guidebook]
by Professor Mark W. Muesse Call number: BL627.M842 2011

The Road to Little Dribbling: adventures of an American in Britain
by Bill Bryson Call number: DA632.B79 2016

A History of Eastern Europe [DVD + Guidebook]
by Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius Call number: DJK24.L58 2015

Conquest of the Americas [2 DVD’s + Guidebook]
by Marshall C. Eakin Call number: E18.82.C66 2002

A walk in the woods: rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail
by Bill Bryson Call number: F106.B92 2007

Paper sculptures, 1995-2005 by Calvin Nicholls, sculptor Call number: NB1270.P3 N43 2005

Color crash course [DVD]
with George Allen Durkee Call number: ND1488.C78 2010

Memoirs of a physician
by Alexandre Dumas Call number: PQ2227.M5 E5 2006

Harry Potter and the cursed child. Parts one and two:
a new play by Jack Thorne Call number: PR6120.H67 H37 2016

A kind of freedom: a novel
by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton Call number: PS3619.E9838 K56 2017

The taking of K-129: how the CIA used Howard Hughes to steal a Russian sub in the most daring covert operation in history
by Josh Dean Call number: VB231.U54 D43 2017

November 2017

Traversing the minefield: best practice: reducing risk in funeral-cremation service
by Michael Kubasak and William M. Lamers, Jr. Call number: KF2042.U5 K8337 2007

A column of fire
by Ken Follett Call number: PR6056.O45 C65 2017

Origin: a novel
by Dan Brown Call number: PS3552.R685434 O74 2017

Night and day
by Iris Johansen Call number: PS3560.O275 N54 2016

No easy target
by Iris Johansen Call number: PS3560.O275 N57 2017

by James Patterson and James O. Born Call number: PS3566.A822 H38 2017

Gone girl: a novel
by Gillian Flynn Call number: PS3606.L935 G66 2012