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Time almanac, 2005 by Borgna Brunner, editor Call number: AY64.T55 2005

Time almanac, 2006 by Borgna Brunner, editor Call number: AY64.T55 2006

Time almanac, 2007 by Borgna Brunner, editor Call number: AY64.T55 2007

Time almanac, 2008 Call number: AY64.T55 2008

Fenians, freedmen, and southern Whites: race and nationality in the era of Reconstruction by Mitchell Snay
Call number: E668.S66 2007

Written in bone: buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland by Sally M. Walker
Call number: GN69.8.W35 2009

The great and only Barnum: the tremendous, stupendous life of showman P.T. Barnum by Candace Fleming
Call number: GV1811.B3 F55 2009

Successfully navigating the downturn by Donald TodrinCall number: HB615.T63 2011

Official get rich guide to information marketing by Robert SkrobCall number: HD9999.I492 S57 2011

Where the jobs are now: the fastest-growing industries and how to break into them by Joe Watson
Call number: HF5381.W38 2010

Best answers to the 201 most frequently asked interview questions by Matthew J. DeLuca, Nanette F. DeLuca
Call number: HF5549.5.I6 D45 2010

The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs: how to be insanely great in front of any audience by Carmine Gallo
Call number: HF5718.22.G35 2010

Cinderella ate my daughter: dispatches from the front lines of the new girlie-girl culture by Peggy Orenstein
Call number: HQ777.O74 2011

My princess boy: [a mom’s story about a young boy who loves to dress up] by Cheryl Kilodavis
Call number: HQ1075.K535 2011

Country women cope with hard times: a collection of oral histories by edited by Melissa Walker
Call number: HQ1438.S6 C68 2004

Rationing justice: poverty lawyers and poor people in the deep South by Kris Shepard
Call number: KF336.S52 2007

The courage to teach: exploring the inner landscape of a teacher’s life by Parker J. Palmer
Call number: LB1775.P25 1998

The dovekeepers: a novel by Alice Hoffman Call number: PS3558.O3447 D68 2011

The illusion of murder by Carol McCleary PS3613.C35765 I55 2011

Freckleface Strawberry: best friends forever by Julianne Moore Call number: PZ7.M78635 Frf 2011

A sick day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead Call number: PZ7.S808566 Si 2010

Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky Call number: PZ8.Z38 Ru 1996

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Call number: QA76.2.J63 I83 2011

How to do everything iPad by Joli Ballew Call number: QA76.8.I863 B35 2010

College algebra by Robert Moyer and Murray R. Spiegel Call number: QA159.2.M69 2011

Chemistry demystified by Linda D. Williams Call number: QD37.W48 2011

What Darwin got wrong by Jerry Fodor, Massimo Piattelli-PalmariniCall number: QH375.F63 2011

Human anatomy and physiology by Kent M. Van De Graaff and R. Ward RheesCall number: QP41.V358 2011

How to plan, contract, and build your own home by Richard M. Scutella, Dave Heberle
Call number: TH4815.S395 2010

How to do everything digital photography by Jason R. Rich Call number: TR267.R54 2011


The philosophy book Call number: BD21.P45 2011

La seduction: how the French play the game of life by Elaine Sciolino Call number: DC33.7.S36 2011

On China by Henry Kissinger Call number: DS775.8.K47 2011

Inside China’s grand strategy: the perspective from the People’s Republic by Ye Zicheng
Call number: DS779.26.Y45513 2011

In my time: a personal and political memoir by Dick Cheney with Liz Cheney Call number: E840.8.C43 A3 2011

Louder than words: take your career from average to exceptional with the hidden power of nonverbal intelligence by Joe Navarro, with Toni Sciarra Poynter Call number: HF5381.N357 2009

Prophet’s prey: my seven-year investigation into Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints by Sam Brower Call number: HQ994.B76 2011

Boiling mad: inside Tea Party America by Kate Zernike Call number: JK2391.T43 Z47 2010

A journal of the plague year by Daniel Defoe Call number: PR3404.J6 2010

The Alice behind Wonderland by Simon Winchester Call number: PR4611.A73 W56 2011

Chasing the night by Iris Johansen Call number: PS3560.O275 C47 2011

Eve by Iris Johansen Call number: PS3560.O275 E84 2011

Among the wonderful: a novel by Stacy Carlson Call number: PS3603.A75327 A83 2011

The homecoming of Samuel Lake: a novel by Jenny Wingfield Call number: PS3623.I66255 H66 2011

The book of potentially catastrophic science: 50 experiments for daring young scientists by Sean Connolly
Call number: Q182.3.C656 2010

Charles and Emma: the Darwins’ leap of faith by Deborah Heiligman Call number: QH31.D2 H42 2009

The boy in the moon: a father’s journey to understand his extraordinary son by Ian Brown
Call number: RB155.5.B76 2011

The great mortality: an intimate history of the Black Death, the most devastating plague of all time by John Kelly Call number: RC172.K445 2006

The Black Death: the great mortality of 1348-1350 : a brief history with documents by John Aberth Call number: RC178.A1 A237 2005

The black death: natural and human disaster in medieval Europe by Robert S. Gottfried
Call number: RC178.G3 G67 1985

Solar power for your home by David S. Findley Call number: TH7414.F56 2010



Bedtime Call number: PE1449.B39 2010

Colors, ABC, numbers Call number: PZ7.C716397 2008

Counting kisses by Karen Katz Call number: PZ7.K15745 Cou 2003

Where is baby’s belly button? by Karen Katz Call number: PZ7.K15745 Wgt 2000

Where is baby’s birthday cake? by Karen Katz Call number: PZ7.K15745 Wgw 2008

Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney Call number: PZ7.M47826 1996

Peek-a-boo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg Call number: PZ8.3.A278 Pe 1997

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost Call number: PZ8.3.F937 St 2001


Beyond boundaries: the new neuroscience of connecting brains with machines– and how it will change our lives by Miguel Nicolelis Call number: BF441.N494 2011

Gay, straight, and the reason why: the science of sexual orientation by Simon LeVay
Call number: BF692.L476 2011

Leper priest of Moloka’i: the Father Damien story by Richard Stewart
Call number: BX4705.D25 S74 2000

The Amish way: patient faith in a perilous world by Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, David L. Weaver-Zercher
Call number: BX8121.3.K73 2010

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Sylvia Engdahl, editor
Call number: D767.25.H6 A88 2011

The Rwandan genocide by Don Nardo
Call number: DT450.435.N27 2011

Franklin and Eleanor: an extraordinary marriage by Hazel Rowley
Call number: E807.R763 2010

The new Reagan revolution: how Ronald Reagan’s principles can restore America’s greatness by Michael Reagan with Jim DenneyCall number: E877.2.R39 2011

The lies of Sarah Palin: the untold story behind her relentless quest for power by Geoffrey Dunn
Call number: F910.7.P35 D86 2011

Death and dying Diane Andrews Henningfeld, editor
Call number: HB1321.D43 2010

Outrageous fortunes: the twelve surprising trends that will reshape the global economy by Daniel Altman
Call number: HB3730.A625 2011

Joint ventures: inside America’s almost legal marijuana industry by Trish Regan
Call number: HD9019.M382 U67 2011

Drowning in oil: BP and the reckless pursuit of profit by Loren C. Steffy
Call number: HD9574.M63 S74 2011

Global girlfriends: how one mom made it her business to help women in poverty worldwide by Stacey Edgar
Call number: HD9940.D462 E34 2011

The last economic superpower: the retreat of globalization, the end of American dominance, and what we can do about it by Joseph P. Quinlan Call number: HF1359.Q56 2011

Investing and the irrational mind: rethink risk, outwit optimism, and seize opportunities others miss by Robert Koppel Call number: HG4515.15.K67 2011

The house that Bogle built: how John Bogle and Vanguard reinvented the mutual fund industry by Lewis Braham
Call number: HG4530.B694 2011

The information revolution by Stuart A. Kallen
Call number: HM851.K35 2011

Sexting by Stefan Kiesbye, editor
Call number: HQ799.2.I5 S49 2011

Gay marriage by Lauri S. Friedman, editor
Call number: HQ1034.U5 G38 2010

The women’s movement by Don Nardo
Call number: HQ1410.N365 2011

How can the poor be helped? by Jennifer Dorman, editor
Call number: HV91.H637 2011

Chemical dependency by Roman Espejo, editor
Call number: HV4998.C444 2011

Cyberbullying by Lauri S. Freidman, editor
Call number: HV6773.2.C925 2011

Voter fraud by Roman Espejo, editor
Call number: JK1994.V68 2010

Too simple to fail: a case for educational change by R. Barker Bausell
Call number: LB1025.3.B3894 2011

Paul Simon: a life by Marc Eliot
Call number: ML420.S563 E45 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: at world’s end [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.9.P49 P573847 2007

The hiding place [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.9.R4 H53564 2006

The birth of a nation [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.75.B57 2001

Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man’s chest [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.P49 P573847 2006

Blue valentine: a love story [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.B48 2011

And the band played on [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.A5433 2001

A raisin in the sun [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.R345 R345 1999

Johnny Depp by John Grabowski
Call number: PN2287.D39 G725 2011

And furthermore by Judi Dench ; as told to John Miller
Call number: PN2598.D447 A3 2011

Rotten English: a literary anthology by Dohra Ahmad
Call number: PR1109.A44 2007

Women’s search for independence in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre by Claudia Durst Johnson, editor
Call number: PR4167.J5 W66 2011

Social and psychological disorder in the works of Edgar Allan Poe by Claudia Durst Johnson, editor
Call number: PS2638.S63 2010

Water from the well by Myra McLarey
Call number: PS3563.C38355 W37 1995

10th anniversary by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Call number: PS3566.A822 A618 2011

Private: Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, London, Chicago, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Rome by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro Call number: PS3566.A822 P75 2010

Tick tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Call number: PS3566.A822 T53 2011

Toys: a novel by James Patterson and Neil McMahon
Call number: PS3566.A822 T69 2011

Irish born by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 A6 2003

Genuine lies by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 G4 2009

Hidden riches by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 H5 2009

Public secrets by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 P8 2009

Sacred sins by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 S23 2001b

Sanctuary by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 S26 2007

Savor the moment by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 S38 2010

Western skies by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 S66 2009

Three fates by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 T48 2003

Tribute by Nora Roberts
Call number: PS3568.O243 T75 2009

Freedom stone by Jeffrey Kluger
Call number: PZ7.K6875 Fr 2011

Raging planet [DVD]
Call number: QE521.2.R34 2009

The evolutionary world: how adaptation explains everything from seashells to civilization by Geerat J. Vermeij
Call number: QH546.V47 2010

Medical ethics by Noël Merino, editor
Call number: R724.M29274 2011

Tuskegee’s truths: rethinking the Tuskegee syphilis study edited by Susan M. Reverby
Call number: R853.H8 T87 2000

The age of AIDS [DVD]
Call number: RA643.8.A34 2006

The Black Death by Don Nardo
Call number: RC172.N37 2011

Dying to be thin [DVD]
Call number: RC552.E18 D95 2004

Addiction: why can’t they just stop? [DVD] [2 vols.]
Call number: RC564.A33 2007

Trailblazing Mars: NASA’s next giant leap by Pat Duggins
Call number: TL799.M3 D84 2010



A child’s introduction to Greek mythology by Heather Alexander
Call number: BL783.A43 2011

Great Barrier Reef by Cynthia Kennedy Henzel
Call number: GB468.89.H46 2011

The great big book of families by Mary Hoffman
Call number: HQ744.H54 2011

Winnie the Pooh: the essential guide by Beth Landis Hester
Call number: PR6025.I65 Z978 2011

Just in time, Abraham Lincoln by Patricia Polacco
Call number: PZ7.P75186 Jtw 2011

Camp K-9 by Mary Ann Rodman
Call number: PZ7.R6166 Cam 2011

The librarian from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler
Call number: PZ7.T3 Lb 2011

The Brothers Grimm’s Grimm’s fairy tales adapted by Karen Kelly
Call number: PZ8.K368 Gr 2011

Madeline at the White House by John Bemelmans Marciano
Call number: PZ8.3.M368 Mb 2011

Planting the wild garden by Kathryn O. Galbraith
Call number: QK929.G35 2011

Hide and seek animals by Sarah Davis and Dawn Sirett
Call number: QL49.D375 2011

Ask a bug by Dorling Kindersley, Inc
Call number: QL467.2.A847 2011

Animal playtime by Caroline Bingham and Fleur Star
Call number: QL763.5.B56 2011

Dentist’s tools by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Call number: RK63.S25 2011


This emotional life: in search of ourselves…and happiness [DVD] Call number: BF531.T45 2010

Life is a verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful, and live intentionally by Patti Digh
Call number: BF632.D54 2008

The interpretation of dreams: the illustrated edition by Sigmund Freud
Call number: REF BF1078.F72 2010b

The dream book: symbols for self understanding by Betty Bethards
Call number: BF1091.B47 2003

The story of the twelve Apostles [DVD] Call number:BS2440.A66 2002

The story of Paul, the Apostle [DVD] Call number:BS2440.A66 2002

Jesus [VHS] Call number:BT301.2.J46 1979

What have they done with Jesus?: beyond strange theories and bad history– why we can trust the Bible by Ben Witherington III Call number: BT303.2.W58 2006

The active life: a spirituality of work, creativity, and caring by Parker J. Palmer
Call number:BV4501.2.P313 1990

A hidden wholeness: the journey toward an undivided life : welcoming the soul and weaving community in a wounded world by Parker J. Palmer Call number:BV4501.3.P35 2004

The promise of paradox: a celebration of contradictions in the Christian life by Parker J. Palmer
Call number:BV4501.3.P356 2008

Let your life speak: listening for the voice of vocation by Parker J. Palmer
Call number:BV4740.P35 2000

Witchcraft & the papacy: an account drawing on the formerly secret records of the Roman Inquisition by Rainer Decker Call number:BX1713.D4313 2008

Molokai: the story of Father Damien [DVD] Call number:BX4705.D25 M67 1999

Failed imagination?: the Anglo-American New World Order from Wilson to Bush by Andrew Williams
Call number:D445.W69 2007

A distant mirror: the calamitous 14th century Barbara W. Tuchman
Call number:DC97.5.T82 1978

Ghost wars: the secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet invasion to September 10, 2001 by Steve Coll Call number:DS371.2.C63 2005

1776 [Audiobook] by David McCullough Call number: E208.M396 2005

Washington’s crossing [ Audiobook] by David Hackett Fischer; read by Nelson Runger
Call number: E263.P4 F575 2004b

Lyndon B. Johnson and American liberalism: a brief biography with documents by Bruce J. Schulman
Call number: E847.S35 2007

Evita: an intimate portrait of Eva Perón edited by Tomás de Elia and Juan Pablo Queiroz
Call number: F2849.P37 E959 1997

Make the most of your time on Earth: a rough guide to the world Call number: G153.4.M22 2007

The great explorers edited by Robin Hanbury-Tenison Call number:G200.G74 2010

Atlas of the ocean: the deep frontier by Sylvia A. Earle Call number:REF G2800.E2 2001

Ocean Call number:REF GC21.O23 2008

The environmental debate: a documentary history, with timeline, glossary, and appendices edited by Peninah Neimark & Peter Rhoades Mott Call number: REF GE197.E7 2011

Be your own best publicist: how to use PR techniques to get noticed, hired, and rewarded at work by Jessica Kleiman & Meryl Weinsaft Cooper Call number: HD59.K58 2011

Laogai: the machinery of repression in China by edited by Nicole Kempton and Nan Richardson
Call number: REF HD4875.C6 L36 2009

Play like a man, win like a woman: what men know about success that women need to learn by Gail Evans
Call number: HD6053.E85 2000

Working Americans, 1880-2010 Volume XI: Inventors & entrepreneurs by Scott Derks
Call number: REF HD8066.D47 2000

The go-getter girl’s guide: get what you want in work and life (and look great while you’re at it) by Debra Shigley
Call number: HF5382.6.S487 2009

Go! with Microsoft Office 2010 by Shelley Gaskin Call number: HF5548.4.M525 G6254 2011

The total woman by Marabel Mogan Call number: HQ734.M827 1973

I thought it was just me: women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of shame by Brené Brown
Call number:HQ1206.B765 2007

Nice girls don’t get the corner office: 101 unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers by Lois P. Frankel Call number:HQ1206.F68 2010

The black book of communism: crimes, terror, repression by Stéphane Courtois
Call number:HX44.L59 1999

No apology: the case for American greatness by Mitt Romney
Call number:JK275.R66 2010

To know as we are known: education as a spiritual journey by Parker J. Palmer
Call number:LB885.P34 T6 1993

Coping with the disruptive college student: a practical model by Gerald Amada
Call number:LB2344.A48 1994

Musicophilia: tales of music and the brain by Oliver Sacks Call number:ML3830.S13 2007

Literature: reading fiction, poetry, and drama by Robert DiYanni Call number: PN49.D52 2007

Mad men: Season one [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.M336 2008

Mad men: Season two [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.M336 2009

Mad men: Season three [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.M336 2010

How Stella got her groove back [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.D7 H6987 1998b

Black swan [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.B53 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.H37 2011

Rabbit hole by [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.R33475 2011

Shrek [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.S57 2010

Walter Lippmann and the American century by Ronald Steel Call number: PN4874.L45 S8 1980

Teaching with fire: poetry that sustains the courage to teach by Sam M. Intrator and Megan Scribner
Call number: PN6101.T36 2003

Renaissance literature: an anthology of poetry and prose edited by John C. Hunter
Call number: PR1121.R36 2010

The thorn birds [DVD] Call number: PR9619.3.M32 T52 2004

Last light: Night light by Terri Blackstock Call number: PS3552.L34285 L37 2009

Moloka’i by Alan Brennert Call number: PS3552.R3865 M65 2003

Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold Call number: PS3552.U397 C79 2010

Against all things ending by R. Donaldson Call number: PS3554.O469 A74 2010

Scarlett: the sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the wind by Alexandra Ripley
Call number: PS3568.I597 S27 1991

Blue smoke by Nora Roberts Call number: PS3568.O243 B55 2005

Out of the dark by David Weber Call number: PS3573.E217 O98 2010

Shadowheart by Tad Williams Call number: PS3573.I45563 S527 2010

Dreams that won’t let go: a novel by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Call number: PS3601.D396 D74 2010

Be more chill by Ned Vizzini Call number: PZ7.V853 Be 2004

College algebra [DVD] Call number: QA154.3.C66 2005

The great naturalists by edited by Robert Huxley Call number: QH26.G73 2007

Guide and reference to the turtles and lizards of western North America (north of Mexico) and Hawaii by R.D. Bartlett and Patricia P. Bartlett Call number: REF QL666.C5 B18 2009

Animals in the wild: Birds in the wild [DVD] Call number: QL676.A55 2001

Animals in the wild: Monkeys, Mammals [DVD] Call number: QL737.P9 A55 2001

Animals in the wild: Predators, Antelopes & gazelles by [DVD] Call number: QL737.U53 A58 2001

Bad blood: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment by James H. Jones Call number: R853.H8 J66 1993

Examining Tuskegee: the infamous syphilis study and its legacy by Susan M. Reverby
Call number: R853.H8 R48 2009

Broken promises: how the AIDS establishment has betrayed the developing world by Edward C. Green
Call number: RA643.86.A35 G74 2011

Impure science: AIDS, activism, and the politics of knowledge by Steven Epstein
Call number: RA644.A25 E68 1996

Dying to have known [DVD] Call number: RC271.A62 D95 2008

The beautiful truth [DVD] Call number: RC271.D52 B43 2009

Brain injury dialogues [DVD] Call number: RC489.C63 B735 2009

Workbook, Egan’s fundamentals of respiratory care, ninth edition by Stephen F. Wehrman
Call number: REF RM161.E37 2009

The complete book of spirits: a guide to their history, production, and enjoyment by Anthony Dias Blue
Call number: TP590.D53 2004

Bed in a tree and other amazing hotels from around the world by Bettina Kowalewski
Call number: TX907. K68 2009



The Tuskegee Airmen story by Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly Call number: PZ7.H74373 Tu 2002


Unexpected miracles: the gift of synchronicity, and how to open it by David Richo
Call number: BF1175.R54 1998

Journey of souls: case studies of life between lives by Michael Newton
Call number: BF1275.D2 N48 1994

The Oxford companion to world mythologyby David Leeming
Call number: REF BL312.L44 2005

Return from heaven: beloved relatives reincarnated within your familyby Carol Bowman
Call number: BL515.B69 2003

Heaven is for real: a little boy’s astounding story of his trip to heaven and backby Todd Burpo, with Lynn Vincent
Call number: BT846.3.B87 2010

For these tough times: reaching toward heaven for hope and healing by Max Lucado
Call number: BV4905.3.L84 2006

Enemy at the gates: Uncommon valor [DVD]
Call number: D764.3.S7 C7 2007

The post-Soviet wars: rebellion, ethnic conflict, and nationhood in the Caucasus by Christoph Zürcher
Call number: DK509.Z87 2009

Gandhi, the man by Eknath Easwaran
Call number: DS481.G3 E19 1978

Reincarnation beliefs of North American Indians: soul journeys, metamorphoses, and near-death experiences by Warren Jefferson
Call number: E98.R3 J44 2008

Secrets of the Civil War [DVD] [2 vols]
Call number: E456.S43 2008

Squeaky: the life and times of Lynette Alice Fromme by Jess Bravin
Call number: E866.3.B73 1997

The Greely expedition [DVD]
Call number: G670.G74 2011

The great wave: price revolutions and the rhythm of history by David Hackett Fischer
Call number:

Regarding the pain of others by Susan Sontag
Call number:HM554.S65 2003

Manson in his own words as told to Nuel Emmons
Call number: HV6248.M2797 A3 1986

Manson: the unholy trail of Charlie and the Family by John Gilmore and Ron Kenner
Call number: HV6348.M2797 G55 2000

The looming tower: Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright
Call number: HV6432.7.W75 2007

A century of violence in Soviet Russia by Alexander N. Yakovlev
Call number: HX311.5.I3513 2002

An encyclopedia of human rights in the United States [2 vols] by H. Victor Condé
Call number: REF KF4747.5.C37 2011

Human anatomy for artists: the elements of form by Eliot Goldfinger
Call number: REF NC760.G67 1991

Living Italian: a grammar-based course by Maria Valgimigli
Call number: PC1121.V35 2009

Living French: a grammar-based course by T.W. Knight
Call number: PC2129.E5 K65 2009

Living Spanish: a grammar-based course by R.P. Littlewood
Call number: PC4121.L58 2009

Living German: a grammar-based course by R.W. Buckley
Call number: PF3112.B763 2009

The Pacific [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.77.P335 2010

Evita [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.E95 1998

The ghost and the darkness [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.G46 G46 1998

The only way [DVD]
Call number: PN1995.H5 O55 2010

Les misérables [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.L567 L567 1998

The way back [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.W358 2011

Country strong [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.C68 2011

Defiance [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.D44 2009

Fireproof [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.F5745 2009

The king’s speech [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.K56 2011

The murder in the tower: the story of Frances, Countess of Essex by Jean Plaidy
Call number: PR6015.I3 M83 2005

The white queen by Philippa Gregory
Call number: PR6057.R386 W52 2009

The Oxford book of American short stories by edited by Joyce Carol Oates
Call number: PS648.S5 O94 1992

If there be thorns: Seeds of yesterday by V.C. Andrews
Call number: PS3551.N454 A6 2010

I feel bad about my neck: and other thoughts on being a woman by Nora Ephron
Call number: PS3555.P5 I23 2006

When you are engulfed in flames by David Sedaris
Call number: PS3569.E314 W48 2008

Passengers by Cassandra Swiderski
Call number: PS3619.W5275 P38 2011

Modern marvels: Snow [DVD]
Call number: QC929.S7 S66 2006


How to be an adult in relationships: the five keys to mindful loving by David Richo
Call number: BF575.L8 R53 2002

Demystifying meaningful coincidences (synchronicities): the evolving self, the personal unconscious, and the creative process by Gibbs A. Williams
Call number: BF1175.W55 2010

The misunderstood God: the lies religion tells about God by Darin Hufford
Call number: BL473.H79 2009

Life before life: children’s memories of previous lives by Jim B. Tucker
Call number: BL515.T77 2008

Only love is real: a story of soulmates reunited by Brian Weiss
Call number: BL515.W43 2000

He loves me!: learning to live in the Father’s affection by Wayne Jacobsen
Call number: BT140.J33 2007

Authentic relationships: discover the lost art of “one anothering” by Wayne Jacobsen & Clay Jacobsen
Call number: BV4517.5.J33 2003

Child of Satan, child of God by Susan Atkins, with Bob Slosser
Call number: BV4935.A86 A33 1977

Death as a way of life: Israel ten years after Oslo by David Grossman
Call number: DS119.76.G77 2003

The fall of Israel by Barry Chamish
Call number: DS126.5.C425 1992

Cleopatra: a life by Stacy Schiff
Call number: DT92.7.S35 2010

Black picket fences: privilege and peril among the Black middle class by Mary Pattillo-McCoy
Call number: F548.9.N4 P38 1999

History of the conquest of Mexico; & History of the conquest of Peru by William H. Prescott
Call number: F1230.P9692 2000

Victors and vanquished: Spanish and Nahua views of the Conquest of Mexico edited by Stuart B. Scwhartz
Call number: F1230.V53 2000

The accidental billionaires: sex, money, betrayal and the founding of Facebook by Ben Mezrich
Call number: HM742.M492 2009

Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond
Call number: HN13.D5 2011

The glass castle: a memoir by Jeannette Walls
Call number: HV5132.W35 2006

Santa Evita by Tomás Eloy Martínez
Call number: PQ7798.23.A692 S3513 1996

The favored child: a novel by Philippa Gregory
Call number: PR6057.R386 F38 2003

Meridon: a novel by Philippa Gregory
Call number: PR6057.R386 M4 2003

Wideacre: a novel by Philippa Gregory
Call number: PR6057.R386 W54 2003

Suttree by Cormac McCarthy
Call number: PS3563.A258 S9 1992

The orchard keeper by Cormac McCarthy
Call number: PS3563.C337 O7 1993

Naked by David Sedaris
Call number: PS3569.E314 Z469 1998

The shut mouth society by James D. Best
Call number: PS3602.E785 S38 2008

So you don’t want to go to church anymore: an unexpected journey by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman
Call number: PS3603.O465 S6 2006

The twenty-four hour mind: the role of sleep and dreaming in our emotional lives by Rosalind D. Cartwright
Call number: RA786.C37 2010

Same soul, many bodies: discover the healing power of future lives through progression therapy by Brian L. Weiss
Call number: RC489.R43 W449 2005


William James: the psychology of possibility [DVD]
Call number: B945.J24 W55 2011

Piaget’s developmental theory: an overview [DVD]
Call number: BF109.P5 P52 1989

Of thee I sing: a letter to my daughters by Barack Obama
Call number: BJ1631.O23 2010

Long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela
Call number: DT1949.M35 A3 2009

A people’s history of the United States: highlights from the twentieth century [sound recording] by Howard Zinn
Call number: E178.1.Z56 2003

An Arkansas history for young people by Shay E. Hopper, T. Harri Baker, Jane Browning
Call number: F411.3.B35 2008

Cutting-edge social media approaches to business education: teaching with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, and blogs Call number:Call number: HF1106.C88 2010

Best green careers: explore opportunities in this rapid growing field!
Call number: HF5382.5.U5 B476 2010

My story: a child called ‘it’, the lost boy, a man named Dave Dave Pelzer
Call number: HV887.U52 P45 2003

Maria Montessori: her life and legacy [DVD]
Call number: LB775.M8 M371 2004

Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: media education for the 21st century by Henry Jenkins (P.I.) with Ravi Purushotma Call number: P96.M4 J46 2009

Fresh air with Terry Gross: writers speak [sound recording] with Terry Gross
Call number: PN452.F74 2004

All the pretty horses [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.A457 A457 2001

Khartoum [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.K51 2002

Crash [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.C737 2005

The haunted airman [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.H38684 2009

Memoirs of a geisha [DVD]
Call number: PN1997.2.M4275 2006

Heat of the sun: Hide in plain sight [DVD]
Call number: PN1992.8.D48 H43 2004

Great classic mysteries: twelve unabridged stories [sound recording]
Call number: PN6120.95.M978 G74 2010

The voyage out by Virginia Woolf
Call number: PR6045.O72 V68 2004

In the company of the courtesan: a novel by Sarah Dunant
Call number: PR6054.U45756 I5 2006

The Mark Twain audio collection [sound recording] by Mark Twain
Call number: PS1303.M3 2001

The scarlet letter [sound recording] by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Call number: PS1868.A1 1994

The William Faulkner audio collection [sound recording] by William Faulkner
Call number: PS3511.A86 A6 2003

Beloved: [a novel] [sound recording] by Toni Morrison
Call number: PS3563.O849 B4 2006

The hangman’s daughter: a historical novel by Oliver Pötzsch
Call number: PT2676.O92 H4613 2010

The outsiders [sound recording] by S.E. Hinton
Call number: PZ7.H5976 Ou 2006

Medical terminology made incredibly easy
Call number: R123.M394 2005

Respiratory care made incredibly easy!
Call number: RC735.5.R4645 2005

Mindstorms: the complete guide for families living with traumatic brain injury by John W. Cassidy ; with Karla Dougherty Call number: RD594.C37 2009

The complete photo guide to slipcovers: transform your furniture with fitted or casual covers edited by Linda Neubauer Call number: TT395.C66 2007

The complete book of sewing short cuts by Claire B. Shaeffer
Call number: TT515.S48 1981

Aran knitting by Alice Starmore
Call number: TT819.I74 S7276 2010

Knitting made easy by Barbara Aytes
Call number: TT820.A94 1970

200 crochet tips, techniques & trade secrets by Jan Eaton
Call number: TT820.E23 2007

Afghans for all seasons: Book 4 editor, Sandra Graham Case
Call number: TT825.A357 2003

Encyclopedia of classic quilt patterns editor, Patricia Wilens
Call number: TT835.E52 2001

A capital idea: an illustrated history of the Capital Hotel by Steven B. Weintz
Call number: TX941.C35 W45 2002



Arkansas by Ellen Macaulay
Call number: F411.3.M37 2009

The everything kids’ science experiments book: boil ice, float water, measure gravity– challenge the world around you! by Tom Robinson Call number: Q164.R625 2001


America’s four Gods: what we say about God–& what that says about us by Paul Froese & Christopher Bader
Call number: BL2525.F75 2010

The star of Bethlehem: unlock the mystery of the world’s most famous star [DVD]
Call number: BT315.2.S73 2007

A world transformed: firsthand accounts of California before the Gold Rush edited with introduction by Joshua Paddison Call number: F864.W945 1999

The oceans by Ellen J. Prager with Sylvia A. Earle Call number: GC11.2.P74 2000

Saying goodbye your way: planning or buying a funeral or cremation for yourself or someone you love by John F. Llewellyn Call number: GT3150.L55 2004

Grave matters : a journey through the modern funeral industry to a natural by way of burial Mark Harris
Call number:HD9999.U53 U536 2008

Cash and credit information for teens: tips for a successful financial life edited by Karen Bellenir
Call number: HG179.C346 2009

The ultimate depression survival guide: protect your savings, boost your income, and grow wealthy even in the worst of timesMartin D. Weiss Call number: HG4910.W367 2009

The other parent: the inside story of the media’s effect on our children James P. Steyer
Call number: HQ784.M3 S74 2002

But is it art?: an introduction to art theory by Cynthia Freeland Call number: N71.F653 2002

The Tudors: The complete final season by [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.T83 2010

Becoming Jane [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.B55 B4366564 2008

Year one [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 Y43 2009

The illusionist [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.S87 I4587 2006

Anne of Green Gables [DVD] Call number: PN1997.A1 A564 2002

Anne of Green Gables: the sequel [DVD] Call number:PN1997.A1 A564 2002

Anne of Green Gables: the continuing story [DVD] Call number: PN1997.A1 A564 2002

Escape from Sobibor [DVD] Call number: PN1997.E76 1997

The godfather [DVD] Call number: PN1997.G63 2008

The godfather, part II [DVD] Call number: PN1997.G6343 2008

The book of Eli [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.B66 2010

Charlie St. Cloud by [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.C43 2010

Eat pray love [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.E28 2010

Iron Man 2 [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.I76 2010

Inception b [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.I5347 2010

Legion b [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.L4456 2010

Pay it forward [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.P395 2001

The birth of Venus: a novel by Sarah Dunant Call number: PR6054.U45756 B58 2003

Sacred hearts: a novel by Sarah Dunant Call number: PR6054.U45756 S33 2009

The best American nonrequired reading, 2009 edited by Dave Eggers Call number: PS659.2.B47 2009

Predator by Terri Blackstock Call number: PS3552.L34285 P72 2010

Worth dying for: a Reacher novel by Lee Child Call number: PS3553.H4838 W67 2010

Cross fire by James Patterson Call number: PS3566.A822 C775 2010

Core chemistry [DVD] Call number: QD11.C675 2007

Essential Chemistry [DVD] [4 vols] Call number: QD33.E87 2010

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 1, The basics [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 2, Elements & equations [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 3, Percent composition [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 4, Solutions & dilutions [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 5, Heat [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 6, Inside the atom [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 7, Chemical bonds by [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 8, Molecular geometry by [DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

The super-charged world of chemistry: Program 9, Gases b[DVD] Call number: QD40.C44 2004

Voyage of the turtle: in pursuit of the Earth’s last dinosaur by Carl Safina Call number: QL666.C546 S24 2006

Getting the most from nursing school: a guide to becoming a nurse by Robert Atkins
Call number: RT71.A85 2009


Bonhoeffer: pastor, martyr, prophet, spy : a righteous gentile vs. the Third Reich by Eric Metaxas Call number: BX4827.B57 M48 2010

War by Sebastian Junger Call number: DS371.4123.K67 J86 2010

Empire of the summer moon: Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history by S.C. Gwynne Call number: E99.C85 P3835 2010

The warmth of other suns: the epic story of America’s great migration by Isabel Wilkerson Call number: E185.6.W685 2010

Extraordinary, ordinary people: a memoir of family by Condoleezza Rice Call number: E840.8.R48 A3 2010

The roots of Obama’s rage by Dinesh D’Souza Call number: E908.D76 2010

God’s middle finger: into the lawless heart of the Sierra Madre by Richard Grant Call number: F1340.G73 2008

Chasing science at sea: racing hurricanes, stalking sharks, and living undersea with ocean experts by Ellen Prager Call number: GC11.2.P738 2008

The coming economic Armageddon: what Bible prophecy warns about the new global economy by David Jeremiah Call number: HB3722.J47 2010

How you can profit from credit cards: using credit to improve your financial life and bottom line by Curtis E Arnold Call number: HG3755.7.A76 2008

Asian juggernaut: the rise of China, India and Japan by Brahma Chellaney Call number: JC319.C519 2006

Bryson’s dictionary of troublesome words by Bill Bryson Call number: PE1460.B785 2004

Herman Wouk’s War and remembrance: Parts I-VII of a 12-part series [DVD] Call number: PN1997.W3354 2004

Herman Wouk’s War and remembrance: The final chapter: Parts VIII- XII of a 12-part series [DVD] Call number: PN1997.W3354 2004

A summer of hummingbirds: love, art, and scandal in the intersecting worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Martin Johnson Heade by Christopher Benfey Call number: PS1541.Z5 B46 2009

Dark angel by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 D37 1986

Fallen hearts by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 F3 1988

Garden of shadows by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 G37 1989

Gates of paradise by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 G38 1989

Heaven by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 H4 1985

Web of dreams by V.C. Andrews Call number: PS3551.N454 W4 1990

Dead in the family by Charlaine Harris Call number: PS3558.A6427 D4257 2010

Sh*t my dad says by Justin Halpern Call number: PS3608.A5488 S57 2010

A northern light by Jennifer Donnelly Call number: PZ7.D7194 No 2004

The calculus diaries: how math can help you lose weight, win in Vegas, and survive a zombie apocalypse by Jennifer Ouellette Call number: QA303.2.O94 2010

Absolute zero[DVD] Call number: QC278.A27 2008

Absolute zero and the conquest of cold by Tom Shachtman Call number: QC278.S48 2000

The Immortal cell: one scientist’s quest to solve the mystery of human aging by Michael D. West Call number: QH442.2.W47 2003

Medical apartheid: the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present by Harriet A. Washington Call number: R853.H8 W37 2008

City of dust: illness, arrogance, and 9/11 by Anthony DePalma Call number: RA566.D47 2010

The abs diet: eat right every time guide by David Zinczenko ; with Ted Spiker Call number: RM222.2.Z56 2005

Your first year as a nurse: making the transition from total novice to successful professional by Donna Wilk Cardillo Call number: RT42.C32 2010

The dead hand: the untold story of the Cold War arms race and its dangerous legacy by David E. Hoffman Call number: U264.H645 2010

The sixth crisis: Iran, Israel, America and the rumors of war by Dana H. Allin and Steven Simon Call number: UA853.I7 A45 2010



The life and times of King Arthur: the evolution of a legend by Susan Sales Harkins and William H. Harkins Call number: DA152.5.A7 H37 2007

King Tut by Susan Sales Harkins and William H. Harkins Call number: DT87.5.H375 2009

Is anybody there? by Eve Bunting Call number: PZ7.B91527 Is 1990

Dinosaurs eye to eye: zoom in on the world’s most incredible dinosaurs by John Woodward Call number: QE861.5.W665 2010

The little brainwaves investigate– animals by Caroline Bingham Call number: QL49.B6 2010

The little brainwaves investigate– human body by Caroline Bingham Call number: QP37.B566 2010



The power of patience: how to slow the rush and enjoy more happiness, success, and peace of mind every day by M.J. Ryan  Call number: BJ1533.P3 R93 2003

Salvation on Sand Mountain: snake handling and redemption in southern Appalachia by Dennis Covington
Call number: BX7990.H6 C68 1996

The Templar code [DVD] Call number: CR4743.T46 2009

Auschwitz: inside the Nazi state [DVD] Call number: D805.5.A96 A973 2005

Rome: the rise and fall of an empire [DVD] Call number: DG209.R664 2009

America: the story of us [DVD] Call number: E178.A44 2010

The Oxford encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States [4 vols.] by Suzanne Oboler and Deena J. González, editors Call number: REF E184.S75 O97 2005

Encyclopedia of African American history, 1619-1895: from the colonial period to the age of Frederick Douglass [3 vols.] ed., Paul Finkelman Call number: REF E185.E545 2006

The struggle against slavery: a history in documents by David Waldstreicher   Call number: E447.W35 2001

A fiery peace in a cold war: Bernard Schriever and the ultimate weapon by Neil Sheehan
Call number:
E745.S34 S44 2009

Barack Obama [DVD] Call number: E901.1.O23 B373 2009

Obama’s wars by Bob Woodward Call number: E908.3.W66 2010

There goes my everything: white Southerners in the age of civil rights, 1945-1975 by Jason Sokol
Call number: F220.A1 S65 2006

Rising tide: the great Mississippi flood of 1927 and how it changed America by John M. Berry
Call number: F354.B47 1998

Arkansas/Arkansaw: how bear hunters, hillbillies, and good ol’ boys defined a state by Brooks Blevins
Call number: F411.B695 2009

If these walls had ears: the biography of a house by James MorganCall number: F417.A7 M64 1996

The broken spears: the Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico edited by Miguel León-Portilla
Call number: F1230.V5713 2006

The Oxford companion to world exploration [2 vols.] by David Buisseret, editor
Call number: REF G80.O95 2007

The most they ever had by Rick Bragg Call number: HD8039.T42 U6416 2009

Rest in peace: a cultural history of death and the funeral home in twentieth-century America by Gary Laderman Call number: HD9999.U53 U543 2003

The American way of death revisited by Jessica MitfordCall number: HD9999.U53 U554 2000

What it’s like to live now by Meredith Maran Call number: HQ75.4.M327 A3 1995

Death for beginners: your no-nonsense, money-saving guide to planning for the inevitable by Karen Jones
Call number: HQ1073.J66 2010

Breach of faith: Hurricane Katrina and the near death of a great American city by Jed Horne
Call number: HV636 2005 .N4 H66 2008

Masterplots [12 vols.] editor, Laurence W. Mazzeno Call number: REF PN44.M33 2011

Robin Hood [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.R634 2010

Herman Wouk’s the winds of war [DVD] 6 vols. Call number: PN1997.W763 C978 2004

Grave goods by Ariana Franklin Call number: PR6064.O73 G73 2009

Finger lickin’ fifteen by Janet Evanovich Call number: PS3555.V2126 F56 2010

American assassin: a thriller by Vince Flynn Call number: PS3556.L94 A44 2010

Dead and gone by Charlaine Harris Call number: PS3558.A6427 D4 2010

Full dark, no stars by Stephen King Call number: PS3561.I483 F85 2010

Sworn to silence y Linda Castillo Call number: PS3603.A8758 S86 2010

The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by Stieg Larsson Call number: PT9876.22.A6933 L8413 2010

Mortician diaries: the dead-honest truth from a life spent with death by June Knights Nadle
Call number: RA662.N33 2006

The emperor of all maladies: a biography of cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee Call number: RC275.M85 2010

Sputnik mania [DVD] Call number: TL796.5.S652 S68 2008

Surviving history [DVD] Call number: U805.S8785 2008