Tuesday, March 26th, 2019


The Boyne and Aughrim: the war of the two kings by John Kinross Call number: DA945.K57 1997

Arguing with idiots: how to stop small minds and big government by Glenn Beck, Kevin Balfe Call number: E169.12.B334 2009

Cold: adventures in the world’s frozen places by Bill Streever Call number: G608.S69 2009

Dragons: a fantasy made real [DVD] Call number: GR830.D7 D723 2005

Introduction to Baroque dance: dance types [DVD] Call number: GV1618.I6 2005

A farewell to alms: a brief economic history of the world by Gregory Clark
Call number: HC21.C63 2007

Profits of death: an insider exposes the death care industries by Darryl J. Roberts Call number: HD9999.U53 U572 1997

Job searches beyond the big cities: finding employment in medium to small-sized Markets by Sarah Fuller
Call number: HF5382.75.U6 F85 2008

2600 phrases for effective performance reviews: ready-to-use words and phrases that really get results by Paul Falcone Call number: HF5549.5.R3 F35 2005

Living rich by spending smart: how to get more of what you really want by Gregory Karp Call number: HG179.K374 2008

It’s not about the money: a financial game plan for staying safe, sane and calm in any economy by Brent Kessel Call number: HG179.K494 2009

Gandhi on non-violence edited by Thomas Merton Call number: HM278.G3243 1965

Thinking the unthinkable: the riddles of classical social theories by Charles Lemert Call number: HM585.L394 2007

50 rules kids won’t learn in school: real-world antidotes to feel-good education by Charles J. Sykes Call number: HQ769.S95 2007

Uncle Sam’s plantation: how big government enslaves America’s poor and what we can do about it by Star Parker Call number: HV95.P35 2003

Becoming a police officer: an insider’s guide to a career in law enforcement by Barry M. Baker Call number: HV8143.B35 2006

The Great political theories: from Plato and Aristotle to Locke and Montesquieu [v.1] Call number: JA36.G69 1981

The great political theories: From Burke, Rousseau, and Kant to modern times [v.2] Call number: JA36.G69 2008

Da Ali G show: Da compleet first season [DVD] Call number: PN1992.8.C66 D3 2004

Borat: cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 B6738 2007

The curious case of Benjamin Button [DVD] Call number: PS3511.I9 C872 2009

The Human body: how it works [DVD] [9 pts.] Call number: QP34.5.H84 2009

The fourth world war [DVD] Call number: U21.2.F68 2004

Morning sunshine!: how to radiate confidence and feel it too by Robin Meade
Call number: BF327.M43 2009

Emotional unavailability: recognizing it, understanding it, and avoiding its trap
by Bryn C. Collins Call number: BF575.I5 C65 1997

Conversations with an atheist by Janina Balabat Call number: BR123.B35 2008

The vanished kingdom: travels through the history of Prussia by James Charles Roy
Call number: DD345.R69 1999

American environmental leaders: from colonial times to the present [2 vols.]
by Anne Becher, Joseph Richey Call number: REF GE55.B43 2008

Dale Earnhardt: the life story of a NASCAR legend by Jonathan Ingram Call number:
GV1032.E18 I53 2001x

The real wealth of nations: creating a caring economics by Riane Eisler Call number: HB99.3.E37 2007

How rich countries got rich– and why poor countries stay poor by Erik S. Reinert Call number: HC21.R425 2008

Execution: the discipline of getting things done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan with Charles Burck Call number: HD31.B626 2002

Nickel and dimed: on (not) getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich Call number: HD4918.E375 2002

Working Americans, 1880-2005 Volume VI: Women at work by Scott Derks Call number: REF HD8066.D47 2005

Power and plenty: trade, war, and the world economy in the second millennium by Ronald Findlay, Kevin H. O’Rourke Call number: HF1379.F559 2007

Human resources kit for dummies by Max Messmer Call number: HF5549.2.U5 M48 1999

Half the sky: turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn Call number: HQ1236.5.D44 K75 2009

Flat broke with children: women in the age of welfare reform by Sharon Hays
Call number: HV95.H36 2003

Enemies within: the culture of conspiracy in modern America by Robert Alan Goldberg
Call number: HV6285.G65 2001

Capitalism, socialism and democracy by Joseph A. Schumpeter
Call number: HX86.S33 2008

The new case against immigration: both legal and illegal by Mark Krikorian
Call number: JV6465.K75 2008

The immigration solution: a better plan than today’s by Heather Mac Donald, Victor Davis Hanson, Steven Malanga Call number: JV6483.M25 2007

The gift of dyslexia: why some of the brightest people can’t read and how they can learn by Ronald D. Davis with Eldon M. Braun Call number: LB1050.5.D36 2004

No one to waste: a report to public decision-makers and community college leaders by Robert H. McCabe Call number: LB2331.2.M33 2000

GRE exam: Premier program by the staff of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Call number: REF LB2367.4.G725 2007

Leaving college: rethinking the causes and cures of student attrition by Vincent Tinto
Call number: LC148.15.T56 1993

Children of the Dust Bowl: the true story of the school at Weedpatch Camp by Jerry Stanley Call number: LC5152.C2 S73 1992

Write to the point!: letters, memos, and reports that get results by Rosemary T. Fruehling and N.B. Oldham Call number: PE1483.F73 1988

The magical worlds of Narnia: the symbols, myths, and fascinating facts behind the Chronicles by David Colbert Call number: PR6023.E926 C53244 2005

Windows Vista timesaving techniques for dummies by Woody Leonhard Call number: QA76.76.O63 L4798 2007

Windows Vista for starters by David Pogue Call number: QA76.76.W56 P64 2007

The greatest show on Earth: the evidence for evolution by Richard Dawkins
Call number: QH366.2.D374 2009

The end of overeating: taking control of the insatiable American appetite by David A. Kessler Call number: QP141.E467 2009

Healthcare, guaranteed: a simple, secure solution for America by Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Call number: RA395.A3 E43 2008

Total cure: the antidote to the health care crisis by Harold S. Luft Call number: RA395.A3 L82 2008

Money-driven medicine: the real reason health care costs so much by Maggie Mahar
Call number: RA410.M34 2006

The 150 healthiest foods on earth: the surprising, unbiased truth about what you should eat and why by Jonny Bowden Call number: RA784.B64 2007

The answer to cancer is never giving it a chance to start by Hari Sharma and Rama K. Mishra, with James G. Meade Call number: RC271.A62 S52 2002

The complete directory for pediatric disorders Call number: REF RJ61.C728 2009

The Grey House safety & security directory Call number:REF T55.A1 G73 2009

Nichola Fletcher’s ultimate venison cookery by Nichola Fletcher Call number: TX751.F54 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2007 plain & simple by Jerry Joyce, Marianne Moon Call number: Z52.5.M52 J74 2007

Interpersonal communication with people of different ages [DVD] Call number: BF637.C45 I6461 2008

The encyclopedia of ghosts and spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley Call number: REF BF1461.G85 2007

Islam: empire of faith [DVD] Call number: BL80.3.G74 2005

Martin Luther [DVD] Call number: BL80.3.G74 2005

Peter & Paul: and the Christian revolution [DVD] Call number: BL80.3.G74 2005

Kingdom of David: the saga of the Israelites [DVD] Call number: BL80.3.G74 2005

Richard the Lionheart & Saladin: Holy warriors [DVD] Call number: BL80.3.G74 2005

The age of empires Call number: REF D208.A38 2007

Japan: memoirs of a secret empire [DVD] Call number: D226.7.D96 2005

Egypt’s golden empire [DVD] Call number: D226.7.D96 2005

The Greeks: crucible of civilization [DVD] Call number: D226.7.D96 2005

Medici: godfathers of the Renaissance [DVD] Call number: D226.7.D96 2005

The Roman Empire in the first century [DVD] Call number: D226.7.D96 2005

The History Channel ultimate collections: World War II [DVD][10 vols.] Call number: D743.H57 2006

The world at war [DVD] [11 vols.] Call number:D743.23.W64 2004

Explosion: the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 by John P. C. Matthews Call number: DB957.M389 2007

The eternal army: the terracotta soldiers of the first Chinese emperor Call number: REF DS747.9.Q254 C37 2005

Catastrophe: how Obama, Congress, and the special interests are transforming– a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism and a disaster into a catastrophe–and how to fight back by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann Call number: E907.M66 2009

The death care industry: African American cemeteries and funeral homes by Roberta Hughes Wright and Wilbur B. Hughes III Call number: REF GT3203.H84 2007

The death care industry: African American cemeteries and funeral homes by Roberta Hughes Wright and Wilbur B. Hughes III Call number: GT3203.H84 2007

A guide to writing sociology papers by The Sociology Writing Group Call number: HM569.G95 2007

Rethinking homework: best practices that support diverse needs by Cathy Vatterott Call number: LB1048.V37 2009

McGraw-Hill’s ACT by Steven W. Dulan and the faculty of Advantage Education Call number: REF LB2353.48.D85 2006

McGraw-Hill’s SAT I by Christopher Black, Mark Anestis, and the tutors of College Hill Coaching Call number: REFLB2353.57.B53 2006

11 practice tests for the AP exams Call number: REF LB2353.62.A14 2006

Catching up or leading the way: American education in the age of globalization by Yong Zhao Call number: LC66.Z47 2009

Art: the world of art, from aboriginal to American pop, Renaissance masters to postmodernism Call number: REF N5300.A693 2002

Mirror of the world: a new history of art by Julian Bell Call number: REF N5300.B428 2007

The Collins big book of art Call number: REF N5300.W642 2005

Storytelling in Christian art from Giotto to Donatello by Jules Lubbock Call number: REF N7952.A1 L83 2006

Colored pictures: race and visual representation by Michael D. Harris Call number: REF N8232.H37 2003

Women who ruled: queens, goddesses, Amazons in Renaissance and Baroque art Call number: REF ND1460.W65 W66 2002

Gran Torino [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.G73 2009

Schaum’s outline of college algebra by Murray R. Spiegel, Robert E. Moyer Call number: REF QA157.S725 2006

Hubble: the mirror on the universe by Robin Kerrod Call number: REF QB500.268.K47 2003

Evolution: the first four billion years edited by Michael Ruse, Joseph Travis Call number: QH366.2.E863 2009

Disease: the extraordinary stories behind history’s deadliest killers by Mary Dobson
Call number: REF RA653.D63 2007

Endocrine signs & symptoms [DVD] Call number: RT48.E5 2007

Professional behavior in healthcare professions: professionalism and self-presentation [DVD] Call number: RT85.5.P76 2007

The first days of Christianity [DVD] Call number: BT303.F57 2008

Great events from history: Modern scandals, 1904-2008 [3 vols.] editor, Carl L. Bankston III Call number: REF D422.G74 2009

The First World War: the complete series [DVD] Call number: D521.F57 2005

World War I: the Great War [4 vols.] [DVD] Call number: D521.W67 2008

The bitter road to freedom: a new history of the liberation of Europe by William I. Hitchcock Call number: D755.7.H56 2008

Band of brothers [DVD] Call number: D769.347.A57 2002

Heroes of the Holocaust: tales of resistance and survival [DVD] Call number: D804.65.H47 2008

Now the hell will start: one soldier’s flight from the greatest manhunt of World War II by Brendan I. Koerner Call number: D810.N4 P4756 2008

The great Irish potato famine by James S. Donnelly, Jr. Call number: DA950.7.D66 2001

Hunting Hitler [DVD] Call number: DD247.H5 H86 2009

The Bielski brothers: Jerusalem in the woods [DVD] Call number: DS135.B383 B54 2009

The battle history of the U.S. Marines [DVD] Call number: E181.B38854 2005

The battle history of the U.S. Navy [DVD] Call number: E181.B38854 2005

The battle history of the U.S. Army [DVD] Call number: E181.B38854 2005

The battle history of the U.S. Air Force [DVD] Call number: E181.B38854 2005

The battle history of the U.S. Coast Guard [DVD] Call number: E181.B38854 2005

King: go beyond the dream to discover the man [DVD] Call number: E185.97.K5 K56 2008

Glenn Beck’s common sense: the case against an out-of-control government, inspired by Thomas Paine by Glenn Beck with Joseph Kerry Call number:E211.P143 B43 2009

Lewis & Clark: the journey of the Corps of Discovery [DVD] Call number: F592.7.B8 2001

Modern marvels: Environmental tech [DVD] Call number: GE140.M63 2008

Meltdown: a free-market look at why the stock market collapsed, the economy tanked, and government bailouts will make things worse by Thomas E. Woods Jr. Call number: HC106.83.W66 2009

Secret lives of great artists: what your teachers never told you about master painters and sculptors by Elizabeth Lunday Call number: N40.L86 L58 2008

Secret lives of great authors: what your teachers never told you about famous novelists, poets, and playwrights by Robert Schnakenberg Call number: PN452.S356 2008

Bridget Jones: the edge of reason [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 B75 2005

Bridget Jones’s diary [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 B74714 2004

The weather man [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 W438447 2006

Frost/Nixon [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.F76 2009

Taken [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.T35 2009

Valkyrie [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.V35 2009

Frances [DVD] Call number: PN1997.F6785 2001

In search of the real Frankenstein [DVD] Call number: PR5398.D43 2008

Murder most royal: a novel by Jean Plaidy Call number: PR6015.I3 M77 2006

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince by J.K. Rowling Call number: PR6068.O93 H3725 2005

Grace by Richard Paul Evans Call number: PS3555.V259 G73 2008

Bright shiny morning by James Frey Call number: PS3606.R488 B75 2008

Modern marvels: Ice [DVD] Call number: QC926.32.I3 2007

You: the owner’s manual : an insider’s guide to the body that will make you healthier and younger by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz Call number: RA776.R723 2005

Modern marvels: The exterminator [DVD] Call number: SB950.E98 2003

Marley & me [DVD] Call number: SF429.L3 G76 2009

Modern marvels: the world’s biggest machines [DVD] Call number: TJ153.W67 2002

Modern marvels: Towing [DVD] Call number: TL153.7.T695x 2001

Modern marvels: Salt mines [DVD] Call number: TN900.S25 2006

Modern marvels: Secrets of oil [DVD] Call number: TP690.M62 2008

Modern marvels: Command central [DVD] Call number: U153.C66 2001

World War I and its aftermath [VHS] Call number: D522.4.W67 2003

The American gangster [DVD] Call number: HV6446.A44 1992

Power up: a practical student’s guide to online learning by Stacey Barrett, Catrina Poe, Carrie Spagnola-Doyle Call number: LB1028.5.B357 2009

From master student to master employee by Doug Toft, contributing editor Call number: LB2343.32.F76 2009

Master student: guide to academic success by Doug Toft, contributing editor Call number: LB2343.M366 2005

College study: the essential ingredients by Sally Lipsky Call number: LB2395.L49 2004

Swinging Bach: Bobby McFerrin and guests [DVD] Call number: M3.1.B2 S95 2006

Anne-Sophie Mutter: a life with Beethoven ; Spring sonata ; Kreutzer sonata [DVD] Call number: ML418.M917 A6 2000x

La vie en rose [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.B55 V54 2007

Changeling [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.C43 2009

Mrs. Warren’s profession [CD] by George Bernard Shaw Call number: PR5363.M7 1996

Arcadia [CD] by Tom Stoppard Call number: PR6069.T6 A721 2009

Play dirty by Sandra Brown Call number: PS3552.R718 P55 2008

A Virgin River Christmas: a Virgin River novel by Robyn Carr Call number: PS3553.A76334 V573 2008

The Ambler warning by Robert LudlumCall number:PS3562.U26 A75 2006

Cross country: a novel by James Patterson Call number: PS3566.A822 C77 2008

Double cross by James Patterson Call number: PS3566.A822 D68 2008

Honeymoon by James Patterson & Howard Roughan Call number: PS3566.A822 H66 2007x

See how they run by James Patterson Call number: PS3566.A822 J47 1997

Judge & jury by James Patterson and Andrew Gross Call number: PS3566.A822 J83 2006

The Judas strain by James Rollins Call number: PS3568.O5398 J83 2008

The terror: a novel by Dan Simmons Call number: PS3569.I47292 T47 2009

Granny Dan by Danielle Steel Call number: PS3569.T33828 G73 1999

Rembrandt’s ghost by Paul Christopher Call number: PS3603.H7643 R46 2006

Go with the flow [DVD] Call number: QM178.A43 2005

Ethics in health care: controlling health care costs [DVD] Call number: RA410.53.E73 2008x

Access to healthcare: the patient’s perspective [DVD] Call number: RA418.A25 2006

Mosby’s EMT-basic textbook by Walt A. Stoy and the Center for Emergency Medicine Call number: RC86.7.S76 1996

Break the chain: your role in preventing the spread of infection [DVD] Call number: RC112.B74 2008

Wong’s clinical manual of pediatric nursing Call number: REF RJ245.W74 2008

Nursing interventions classification (NIC): Iowa Intervention Project Call number: REF RT42.N858 1996

NANDA-I nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification, 2007-2008 Call number: REF RT48.6.N68 2007-08

Nursing diagnoses, outcomes, and interventions: NANDA, NOC, and NIC linkages Call number: REF RT48.6.N877 2001

Nursing outcomes classification (NOC) Call number: REF RT85.5.N864 2008

Cultural awareness in healthcare: understanding the need [DVD] Call number: RT86.54.C82 2008

Outliers: the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell Call number: BF637.S8 G533 2008

Lone survivor: the eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10 by
Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson Call number: DS371.413.L87 2007

The real George Washington Call number: E312.P23 2008

American lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham Call number: E382.M43 2008

New Deal or raw deal?: how FDR’s economic legacy has damaged America
by Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
Call number: E806.F64 2008

The survivors club: the secrets and science that could save your life by Ben Sherwood
Call number: GF86.S538 2009

The return of depression economics: and the crisis of 2008 by Paul Krugman
Call number: HB3716.K77 2008

GMAT 2009 edition: premier program by the staff of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Call number: REF HF1118.G62 2008

Lords of finance: the bankers who broke the world by Liaquat Ahamed
Call number: HG172.A2 A43 2009

The five rules for successful stock investing: Morningstar’s guide to building wealth and winning in the
by Pat Dorsey Call number: HG4521.D646 2004

Culture warrior [Audiobook] by Bill O’Reilly Call number: HN69.O74 2006

LSAT for dummies by Amy Hackney Blackwell Call number: REF KF285.Z9 H33 2005

LSAT Call number: REF KF285.Z9 K37 2008

Mcgraw-Hill’s conquering LSAT logic games Call number:REF KF285.Z9 M34 2006

Leading change in your school: how to conquer myths, build commitment, and get results by Douglas B. Reeves Call number: LB2805.R416 2009

Gordy [VHS] Call number: PN1995.9.A5 G6 1995

It take two [VHS] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 I8 1996

My favorite Martian [VHS] Call number: PN1995.9.C55 M995 1999

The Dark Knight [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.D37 2008

Doubt [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.D68 2009

Iron Man [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.I76 2008

Cinderella [VHS] Call number: PN1997.5.C56 1995

Aladdin [VHS] Call number: PN1997.A433 A43 1993

The amazing panda adventure [VHS] Call number: PN1997.A489 1996

Free Willy [ VHS] Call number: PN1997.F742 1993

Happily ever after [VHS] Call number: PN1997.H355 H3 1993

Harriet the spy [VHS] Call number: PN1997.H377 1996

The secret garden [VHS] Call number: PN1997.S3457 1994

Always looking up: the adventures of an incurable optimist by Michael J. Fox Call number: PN2308.F69 A3 2009

A bold fresh piece of humanity by Bill O’Reilly Call number: PN4874.O73 A3 2008

Look at my striped shirt!: confessions of the people you love to hate by Phat Phree
Call number: PN6165.L66 2006

Avalon by Anya Seton Call number: PS3537.E787 A93 2005

Devil water by Anya Seton Call number: PS3537.E787 D4 1963

Foxfire by Anya Seton Call number: PS3537.E787 F69 2008

Step on a crack [Audiobook] by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge Call number: PS3566.A822 S74 2007

The reader by Bernhard Schlink Call number: PT2680.L54 V6713 2008

The history o of mathematics: an introduction by David M. Burton Call number: QA21.B96 1999

Marty Stouffer’s Wild America: Season 1 -12 [DVD] Call number: QL151.M363 2007

A lion called Christian by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall Call number: QL795.L7 B68 2009

Germ proof your kids: the complete guide to protecting (without overprotecting) your family from infections by Harley A. Rotbart Call number: QR56.R598 2008

EMT-basic by Richard J. Lapierre Call number: REF RC86.9.L37 2005

Illustrated study guide for the NCLEX-RN exam editors, JoAnn Zerwekh, Jo Carol Claborn Call number: REF RT55.Z476 2006

NCLEX-PN: strategies for the practical nursing licensing exam by Barbara J. Irwin, Patricia A. Yock, Judith A. Burckhardt Call number: REF RT62.N37 K17 2006

Nursing school entrance exam: your guide to passing the test Call number: REF RT79.N86 2005

Principles of nanophotonics Call number: TA1530.P75 2008

Bionanotechnology: global prospects edited by David E. Reisner Call number: TP248.25.N35 B565 2009

How to prepare for the ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Call number: REF U408.5.H69 2003

ASVAB for dummies by Rod Powers with Jennifer Lawler Call number: REF U408.5.L39 2007

Library 2.0 and beyond: innovative technologies and tomorrow’s user edited by Nancy Courtney Call number: Z674.75.I58 L545 2007

The challenge and practice of academic accreditation: a sourcebook for library administrators edited by Edward D. Garten Call number: Z675.U5 C42 1994

Library 2.0: a guide to participatory library service byMichael E. Casey, Laura C. Savastinuk Call number: Z678.C35 2007

Federated search: solution or setback for online library services by Christopher N. Cox, editor Call number: ZA4233.F43 2007

Places of the Bible: a photographic pilgrimage editor, Robert Sullivan Call number: BS630.P53 2007

U-boat war patrol: the hidden photographic diary of U-564 by Lawrence Paterson Call number: D781.P4 2004

The last frontier: the Roman invasions of Scotland by Anthony Kamm Call number: DA777.5.K36 2004

Hitler’s secret headquarters: the fuhrer’s wartime bases, from the invasion of France to the Berlin bunker by Franz W. Seidler & Dieter Zeigert Call number: DD247.H5 S45 2004

China’s first emperor [DVD] Call number: DS747.9.Q254 C55 2008

Modern marvels: The Great Wall of China [DVD] Call number: DS793.G67 M63 2005

New England Call number: F2.3.N48 2000

Kentucky by Susan Reigler Call number: F449.3.R45 2001

Real pirates: outlaws of the sea [DVD] Call number: G535.R43 2006

Mastering business etiquette & protocol by Chris Nolan Call number: HF5389.N65 1995

Meth = sorcery: know the truth by Steve Box Call number: HV5822.M38 B69 2000

Smoke, mirrors, and murder: and other true cases by Ann Rule Call number: HV6529.R816 2008b

Nightname in NAPA: the wine country murders by Paul LaRosa Call number: HV6534.N16 L37 2007

Into the wild [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.A3 I586 2008

American gangster [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.G3 A4475336 2008

The city of lost children [DVD] Call number: PN1997.C5 1996

Finding Neverland [DVD] Call number: PN1997.F563 2005

The notebook [DVD] Call number: PN1997.N911 2005

The Oscar Wilde collection [DVD] Call number: PR5815.O837 2002

The shack: a novel by William P. Young Call number: PR9199.4.Y696 S53 2007

T is for trespass by Sue Grafton Call number: PS3557.R13 T15 2007

Bet your bottom dollar: a bottom dollar girls novel by Karin Gillespie Call number: PS3607.I438 B48 2004b

A dollar short: the Bottom Dollar Girls go Hollywood by Karin Gillespie Call number: PS3607.I438 D65 2005b

Name of the wind: the kingkiller chronicle: day one by Patrick Rothfuss Call number: PS3618.O8685 N36 2007

The last lecture by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow Call number: QA76.2.P38 A3 2008

Fractals: hunting the hidden dimension [DVD] Call number: QA614.86.F73 2009

The heart [DVD] Call number: QM181.H42 2007

Nanomaterials handbook edited by Yuri Gogotsi Call number: TA418.9.N35 H357 2006

A user’s guide to vacuum technology by John F. O’Hanlon Call number: TJ940.O37 2003

The … Mental measurements yearbook Call number: Z5814.P8 B932 2007

More hours in my day by Emilie Barnes Call number: BJ1610.B37 1982

The complete worship leader by Kevin J. Navarro Call number: BV15.N38 2001

Our fathers’ war: growing up in the shadow of the greatest generation by Tom Mathews Call number: D744.55.M38 2005b

The greatest generation by Tom Brokaw Call number: D811.A2 B746 1998

The greatest generation speaks: letters and reflections by Tom Brokaw Call number: D811.A2 B747 1999

An album of memories: personal histories from the greatest generation by Tom Brokaw Call number: D811.A2 B7455 2001

Joan of Arc: maid, myth and history by Timothy Wilson-Smith Call number: DC103.W55 2006

The much too promised land; America’s elusive search for Arab-Israeli peace by Aaron David Miller Call number: DS119.7.M4947 2009

Inclusive scholarship: developing Black studies in the United States: a 25th anniversary retrospective of Ford
Foundation grant making, 1982-2007 with introduction and commentary
by Farah Jasmine Griffin Call number: E184.7.I53 2007

Fusiliers: the saga of a British Redcoat regiment in the American Revolution by Mark Urban Call number: E267.U73 2007

The nineties in America [3 Vols.] Call number:REF E839.N56 2009

McCain: the myth of a maverick by Matt Welch Call number:E840.8.M26 W447 2008

Worth the fighting for: a memoir by John McCain with Mark Salter Call number: E840.8.M467 A3 2002

Fear and loathing, on the campaign trail ’72 by Hunter S. Thompson Call number: E859.T52 1983

The Heartland chronicles by Douglas E. Foley Call number:F629.T36 F65 1995

Enter the kettlebell!: strength secret of the Soviet supermen by Pavel Call number: GV546.3.T728 2006

Economic facts and fallacies by Thomas Sowell Call number: HB171.S7133 2008

Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: a guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement by John M. Bryson Call number:HD30.28.B79 1995

Strategic planning for nonprofit organizations: a practical guide and workbook by Michael Allison, Jude Kaye Call number:HD62.6.A45 1997

Career pathways: education with a purpose by Dan M. Hull Call number: HF5382.5.U5 H8550 2005

Office 2007 for dummies 2007 by Wally Wang Call number:HF5548.4.M525 W3623

How to survive in the real world: financial independence for the recent graduate by James Lowell Call number: HG179.L69 1995

Hell’s angels: a strange and terrible saga by Hunter S. Thompson Call number: HV6489.C2 T48 1996

Never work harder than your students and other principles of great teaching by Robyn R. Jackson Call number: LB1025.3.J333 2008

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