Saturday, July 4th, 2020

New Items in 2019

World religions by John Bowker Call number: BL82.B68 2006

The meaning of the glorious Qurʾan: text and explanatory translation by Muhammad M. Pickthall
          Call number: BP109.S5 1994

Essentials of the Islamic faith by M. Fethullah Gulen Call number: BP165.5.G8513 2006

A thousand lives: the untold story of hope, deception, and survival at Jonestown by Julia Scheeres
          Call number: BP605.P46 S34 2011

The soul of Christianity: restoring the great tradition by Huston Smith
          Call number: BR121.3.S65 2005

The truth about Muhammad: founder of the world’s most intolerant religion by Robert Spencer
          Call number: BT1170.S657 2006

A history of the Arab peoples by Albert Hourani Call number: DS37.7.H67 1991

Fool’s errand: time to end the war in Afghanistan by Scott Horton Call number: DS371.412.H67 2017

Jerusalem: one city, three faiths by Karen Armstrong Call number: DS109.9.A76 1996

The Oatman Girls: the capture & captivity of two young American women in the 1850s by the Apache
by Royal B. Stratton Call number: E87.O12 S8 2010

Kidnapped: child abduction in America by Paula S. Fass Call number: HV6598.F37 1997

Early medieval art and civilisation by George Henderson Call number: N5970.H4 2004

Byzantine art and civilisation by Steven Runciman Call number: N6250.R86 2004

Gothic art and civilisation by George Henderson Call number: N6310.H4 2004

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Call number: PG3366.A6 1992

Yellowstone: Season one [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.Y45 2018

Yellowstone: Season two [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.Y45 2019

The diary of Anne Frank [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.H53 D53 2014

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.M86 K55 2006

Twilight saga: Breaking dawn: 2 film collection [DVD] PN1997.T95 B74 2014

The hero [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.H47 2017

A star is born [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.S83 2019

Letters from the looney bin by Thatcher C. Nally Call number: PN3448.N355 2013

The enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim Call number: PR6035.U8 E62 2016

Native son by Richard Wright Call number: PS3545.R815 N25 1989

The magic mountain: a novel by Thomas Mann Call number: PT2625.A44 Z32 1996

The Giver quartet [4 vols.] by Lois Lowry Call number: PZ7.L9673 Gj 2014b

The glucose revolution by Jennie Brand-Miller Call number: QP701.G57 1999

The bipolar disorder survival guide: what you and your family need to know by David J. Miklowitz
          Call number: RC516.M554 2002

CNA study guide 2019 & 2020: secrets study guide, your key to exam success
          Call number: RT84.C53 2019

CNA study guide 2018 & 2019: CNA exam preparation 2018 & 2019 and practice test questions for
          the certified nurse assistant exam
Call number: RT84.C651 2018

Modern marvels: Convertibles [DVD] Call number: TL23.C665 2008

Modern marvels: Private planes [DVD] Call number: TL685.1.P961 2000

Modern marvels: Helicopters [DVD] Call number: TL716.A2 H45 1998

James Black and his coffin Bowie knives by James Batson Call number: TS380.B37 2019

Maybe dying is like becoming a butterfly by Pimm van Hest Call number: PZ7.1.H47 May 2019

The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order by Samuel P. Huntington
          Call number: D860.H86 1997

Red famine: Stalin’s war on Ukraine by Anne Applebaum Call number: DK508.8374.A67 2018

Illuminati 2: deceit and seduction by Henry Makow, Ph.D. Call number: HS125.I76 2010

Phonemic awareness: “hear it and say it” with Frog Street friends! by Kathy Davis
          Call number: LB1139.L3 P46 2000

Debt free degree: the step-by-step guide to getting your kid through college without student loans
          by Anthony ONeal Call number: LB2342.O558 2019

Jamestown: The complete season 3 [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.J364 2019

The deer hunter [DVD] Call number: PN1997.D447 2012

Buddha: a story of enlightenment by Deepak Chopra Call number: PS3553.H587 B83 2007

The goldfinch by Donna Tartt Call number: PS3570.A657 G65 2015

Isaiah’s daughter: a novel of prophets & kings by Mesu Andrews
          Call number: PS3601.N55274 I83 2018

Of fire and lions: a novel by Mesu Andrews PS3601.N55274 O35 2019

The boy in the striped pajamas: a fable by John Boyne PZ7.B69677 Boy 2007

New moon by Stephenie Meyer Call number: PZ7.M57188 New 2009

The encyclopedia of Cajun & Creole cuisine by John D. Folse Call number: TX715.2.L68 F645 2004

Train your angry dragon by Steve Herman Call number: BF575.A5 H47 2018

Nobody’s perfect: a story for children about perfectionism by Ellen Flanagan Burns
          Call number: PZ7.B9366 No 2009

July – September
Die Frontschau [DVD] Call number: D743.23.F76 2004

The hiding place by Corrie Ten Boom with Elizabeth & John Sherrill
          Call number: D805.5.R38 T46 2006

Iron curtain: the crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956 by Anne Applebaum
          Call number: DJK45.S65 A67 2013

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank Call number: DS135.N6 F73313 1993

The complete encyclopedia of African American history [4 vols.] Call number: REF E185.C72 2018

The boy who carried bricks by Alton Carter Call number: E185.97.C37 A3 2015

The Alamo and beyond: a collector’s journey by Phil Collins Call number: F390.C685 2012

Digging for history at Old Washington Mary L. Kwas Call number: F419.W3 K89 2009

The Donner Party [DVD] Call number: F868.N5 D66 2009

Who owns the ice house?: eight life lessons from an unlikely entrepreneur by Clifton L. Taulbert and
          Gary Schoeniger Call number: HB615.T38 2010

Teaching with cases: a practical guide by Espen Anderson and Bill Schiano
          Call number: HD30.4.S329 2014

Active learning: a practical guide for college faculty with an introduction by Maryellen Weimer
          Call number: LB1027.23.A385 2017

Setting the standard for project based learning: a proven approach to rigorous by John Larmer, John
          Mergendoller, Suzie Boss Call number: LB1027.43.L37 2015

Collaborative learning techniques: a handbook for college faculty by Elizabeth F. Barkley, Claire
          Howell Major, K. Patricia Cross Call number: LB1032.B318 2014

Concise answers to frequently asked questions about professional learning communities at work
          by Mike Mattos, Richard DuFour Call number: LB1731.M395 2016

High-impact advising: a guide for academic advisors by Sue Ohrablo Call number: LB2343.O47 2018

The official SAT study guide written and edited by the College Board
          Call number: LB2353.57.A156 2019

How to become a straight-A student: the unconventional strategies real college students use to score
          high while studying less
by Cal Newport Call number: LB2395.N515 2007

Learning by doing: a handbook for professional learning communities at work by Richard DuFour,
          Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Thomas W. Many, Mike Mattos
          Call number: LB2822.82.L427 2016

Vikings: The fifth season, part two [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.V55 2019

A woman scorned: the Betty Broderick story [DVD] Call number: PN1995.9.J8 W6636 2005

Chinatown [DVD] Call number: PN1997.C45 2017

The deliberate stranger [DVD] Call number: PN1997.D455 2009

Ashes in the snow [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.A75 2019

The forest [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.F67 2016

The professor and the madman [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.P76 2019

I, robot by Isaac Asimov Call number: PS3551.S5 I13 2008

When she woke: a novel by Hillary Jordan Call number: PS3610.O6556 W47 2012

The hunger games: Catching fire by Suzanne Collins Call number: PZ7.C6837 Hun 2009

Catching fire by Suzanne Collins Call number: PZ7.C6837 Hun 2013

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Ham 2018

The lost hero by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Her 2012

The son of Neptune by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Her 2013

The mark of Athena by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Her 2014

The house of Hades by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Her 2015

The blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Her 2016

The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Shi 2019

The sword of summer by Rick Riordan Call number: PZ7.R4829 Sw 2017

Computational thinking and coding for every student: the teacher’s getting-started guide by Jane
          Krauss, Kiki Prottsman Call number: QA76.27.K73 2016

Teaching in nursing: a guide for faculty edited by Diane M. Billings Call number: RT71.T336 2016

The big burn [DVD] Call number: SD421.32.M9 B54 2014

Midnight in Chernobyl: the untold story of the world’s greatest nuclear disaster by Adam
          Higginbotham Call number: TK1362.U38 H54 2019

A history of philosophy: Modern philosophy, from the French Revolution to Sarte by Frederick
          Copleston Camus and Levi-Strauss Vol. 9. Call number: B72.C62 1994

Boudica: Iron Age warrior queen by Richard Hingley and Christina Unwin
          Call number: DA145.3.B6 H56 2006

Africa is a continent not a country by Sylvester I. Okoro Call number: DT31.O3676 2013

The gift of fear: survival signals that protect us from violence by Gavin de Becker
          Call number: HM281.D36 1998

Drunk in public [DVD] Call number: HV5293.A45 D78 2009
          America’s crystal meth epidemic [DVD] Call number: HV5822.A5 A547 2008

The meth epidemic [DVD] Call number: HV5822.M38 M484 2011

Charles Manson now by Marlin Marynick Call number: HV6248.M2797 M37 2010

(Almost) everything you need to know about early childhood education: a book of lists for teachers
          and parents
by Judy Fujawa Call number: LB1139.23.F85 1998

Outlander: Season 4 [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.O98 2019

Diamonds are forever [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 D558 2006

Dr. No [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 D633 2007

Goldfinger [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 G643 2006

The spy who loved me [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 S69 2006

Thunderball [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 T586 2006

You only live twice [DVD] Call number: PN1997.J3 Y635 2006

Bohemian Rhapsody [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.B64 2018

Green book [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.G74 2019

Lost horizon by James Hilton Call number: PR6015.I53 L6 1960

The glimmer palace by Beatrice Colin Call number: PR6103.O443 G55 2008

To capture what we cannot keep: a novel by Beatrice Colin Call number: PR6103.O443 T6 2017

The scrapbook of Arkansas literature: an anthology for the general reader, editor-in-chief, Octavius
          Coke Call number: REF PS558.A8 S35 1939a

Tales of the city, more tales of the city [DVD] 2 vols. Call number: PS3563.A878 T35 2013

The hideaway by Lauren K. Denton Call number: PS3604.E5956 H53 2017

Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris Call number: PS3613.C585453 S65 2018

Black heart by Justin Somper Call number: PZ7.S69733 Bl 2010

Blood Captain by Justin Somper Call number: PZ7.S69733 Blo 2009

Empire of night by Justin Somper Call number: PZ7.S69733 Emp 2010

Immortal war by Justin Somper Call number: PZ7.S69733 Im 2012

How to know the freshwater fishes by Samuel Eddy, James C. Underhill Call number: QL627.E4 1978

Inhibitions, symptoms, and anxiety by Sigmund Freud Call number: RC531.F7413 1989

Understanding the opioid epidemic [DVD] Call number: RC568.O45 U63 2018

The complete modern blacksmith by Alexander Weygers Call number: REF TJ1195.W45 1997

Confederate bowie knives by Jack Melton, Josh Phillips & John Sexton
          Call number: REF TS380.M45 2012

A sure defense: the Bowie knife in America by William B. Worthen and Mark D. Zalesky
          Call number: REF TS380.W67 2017

The complete bladesmith: forging your way to perfection by Jim Hrisoulas
          Call number: REF TT220.H86 2018

A blacksmithing primer: a course in basic and intermediate blacksmithing by Randy McDaniel
          Call number: REF TT221.M38 2004

The home blacksmith by Ryan Ridgway, DVM Call number: REF TT221.R53 2016

The backyard blacksmith: traditional techniques for the modern smith by Lorelei Sims
          Call number: REF TT221.S56 2009

Jamestown’s dark winter [DVD] Call number: CC79.5.H85 J364 2015

Educated: a memoir by Tara Westover Call number: CT3262.I2 W47 2018

The untold history of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
          Call number: E741.S76 2012

The pilgrims [DVD] Call number: F68.A44 2015

The radium girls: the dark story of America’s shining women by Kate Moore
          Call number: HD6067.2.U6 M66 2018

Jamestown: The complete seasons 1 & 2 [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.J364 2019

Outlander: Season three [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.O98 2018

Saints & strangers [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.S255 2015

Vikings: Season 4, volume 2 [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.V55 2017

Vikings: Season 5, volume 1 [DVD] Call number: PN1992.77.V55 2018

I am, I am, I am: seventeen brushes with death by Maggie O’Farrell
          Call number: PR6065.F36 Z46 2019

The storyteller’s secret: a novel by Sejal Badani Call number: PS3602.A346 S76 2018

Wunderland: a novel by Jennifer Cody Epstein Call number: PS3605.P646 W86 2019

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens Call number: PS3615.W447 W48 2018

The ten thousand things by Maria Dermoût Call number: PT5830.D434 T513 2002

Maybe you should talk to someone: a therapist, her therapist, and our lives revealed by Lori Gottlieb
          Call number: RC480.8.G68 2019

Van Gogh’s world of color concept by Julie Aigner-Clark Call number: ND653.G7 A815 2001

Poems for little ones [2 copies] concept by Julie Aigner-Clark Call number: PS586.3.A54 2001

Fiona the hippo by Richard Cowdrey Call number: QL737.U57 F56 2018

23 minutes in hell [Audiobook] by Bill Wiese Call number: BT838.W45 2006

Algebra: introductory and intermediate [DVD] 2 copies Call number: QA152.3.A842 2007

Archie’s final project [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.A73 2011

Being Hindu: understanding a peaceful path in a violent world by Hindol Sengupta
          Call number: BL1202.S33 2017

Building a medical vocabulary: with Spanish translations by Peggy C. Leonard
          Call number: R123.L46 2012

Child’s body: a parent’s manual by the Diagram Group Call number: RJ61.D55 1977

The complete directory for people with chronic illness editor, Richard Gottlieb
          Call number: REF RA644.6.C65 2009

The complete learning disabilities directory, 2009 Call number: REF LC4704.6.C66 2008

The complete mental health directory: a comprehensive source book for professionals and individuals
          editor, Richard Gottlieb Call number: REF RC790.6.C625 2010

Courageous: Facing the giants, and Fireproof [DVD] Call number: PN1997.2.C68 2014

Deathcare marketing: 25 FAQs by Glenn H. Gould, III Call number: HD9999.U53 G68 2005

The effective teacher [DVD] [8 vols.] Call number: LB1775.2.E42 2009

The first days of school: how to be an effective teacher by Harry K. Wong, Rosemary T. Wong
          Call number: LB1775.2.W64 2009

Gale encyclopedia of everyday law [2 vols.] by Jeffrey Wilson, editor
          Call number: REF KF387.G27 2006

Good endings: caring for the dying resident – the training manual by Donalyn Gross
          Call number: R726.8.G68 2002

Into the wild by Jon Krakauer Call number: CT9971.M35 K73 1996

Little women [DVD] Call number: PN1997.L588 2000

LPN facts made incredibly quick! Call number: RT51.L73 2006

Magill’s medical guide (5 vols.) editors, Bryan C. Auday, Michael A. Buratovich, Geraldine F. Marrocco
          and Paul Moglia Call number: REF RC41.M34 2014

Mendelssohn [sound recording] Call number: M3.1.M46 M46 1996

The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy by Robert S. Porter, editor-in-chief
          Call number: REF RC55.M4 2011

Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary Call number: REF PE1628.M36 2003

MLA guidelines for documenting sources: 2016 citation standards from the Modern Language           Association Call number: LB2369.M63 2017

Mosby’s 2013 nursing drug reference by Linda Skidmore- Roth
          Call number: REF RM301.12.S59 2013

Mosby’s medical, nursing, & allied health dictionary
          Call number: REF R121.M89 2002

Mozart: musical masterpieces [sound recording] Call number: ML410.M9 M69 2005

Mythbusters: Exploding lighter [DVD] Call number: Q164.M984 2006

NCLEX-RN: medications you need to know for the exam by Barbara Arnoldussen
          Call number: RT55.A76 2008

The optimistic classroom: creative ways to give children hope by Deborah Hewitt and Sandra
          Heiedmann Call number: LB1117.H458 1998

PDR for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs
          Call number: REF RM671.A1 P48 2008

Physicians’ desk reference: PDR 2017 Call number: REF RS75.P5 2017

Python programming for the absolute beginner by Michael Dawson
          Call number: QA76.73.P98 D39 2010

Ready-to-use portfolio development activities by Jack Umstatter Call number: LB1029.P67 U47 2000

Return to the wild: the Chris McCandless story [DVD] written and directed by Jeanmarie Condon and
          Ann Johnson Call number: CT9971.M35 M35 2015

The secret hunters by Ranulph Fiennes Call number: PR6056.I4594 S43 2012

Thirteen rasons why by Jay Asher Call number: PZ7.A8155 TH 2007a

Taber’s cyclopedic medical dictionary editor, Donald Venes Call number: REF R121.T18 2013

Tales from a midwife: true stories of the East End in the 1950s [Audiobook] Jennifer Worth
          Call number: RG950.W67 A3 2009

Trigonometry: DVD program [DVD] Call number: QA531.L375 2007

Webster’s new twentieth century dictionary of the English language, unabridged
          Call number: REF PE1625.W4 1983

Where men win glory: the odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer Call number: GV939.T49 K73 2010

Winesburg, Ohio [Audiobook] by Sherwood Anderson Call number: PS3501.N4 W52 2010

From head to toe by Eric Carle Call number: GV481.C38 1997

Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown Call number: PZ7.B8163 Gp 1991

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly by Mary Ann Hoberman
          Call number: PZ8.2.W4998 Iac 2003

The incredible truth about motherhood by Bradley Trevor Greive Call number: HQ759.G765 2003

It’s so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families by Robie H. Harris
          Call number: QP251.5.H37 1999

Jazzy jobs by Mark Shulman Call number: HF5381.2.S548 2003

The kid who invented the popsicle: and other surprising stories about inventions by Don L. Wulffson
          Call number: T15.W85 1997

My friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann Call number: PZ7.R6413 My 2011

The pudgy peek-a-boo book illustrated by Amye Rosenberg Call number: PZ8.3.R724 Pu 1983

The Random House book of fairy tales adapted by Amy Ehrlich Call number: PZ8.E32 Ran 1985

Sugar pie, honey bunch photography by Charles R. Smith, Jr. Call number: PZ7.S6438 Sug 2001

The Treehorn trilogy by Florence Parry Heide Call number: PZ7.H36 Tqt 2006

What will I be?: Dora’s book about jobs by Phoebe Beinstein Call number: PZ7.B388445 Wh 2004

What’s my job: a slide and discover book illustrated by Judith Moffatt
          Call number: HF5381.2.M57 2003