Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Statistical Resources

American FactFinder is a user-friendly website that provides demographic information from the U. S. Census Bureau.

Arkansas State Homepage provides instant access to state, county and city government information and online services

Arkansas QuickFacts: QuickFacts about the counties and cities of Arkansas

Bureau of Justice Statistics: Find statistics on crime, its perpetrators, its victims, and the criminal justice system

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Search for statistics on wages, benefits, occupations, productivity, industries, and more

Census Atlas of the United States: is the first comprehensive atlas of population and housing produced by the Census Bureau since the 1920s.

Census Bureau Home Page links to most Census Bureau data.

FEDStats: is the gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies is the U.S. Government’s Official Web site.

Geographical Statistics is used to identify places to view with the Tiger Map Server and obtain census data from the 1990 Census Lookup server.

Historical Census Browser: provides Historical census data to the state and county level, from 1790 to 1960.

InfoNation is an interactive database that allows users to pull up accurate official and up-to-date information and statistics regarding the countries of the world.

Geostat (the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center) houses the University of Virginia’s maps, geospatial data, and social science datasets.

The National Center for Educational Statistics is the “primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.” This website provides access to a searchable catalog of various studies, publications, and statistics addressing major issues in education.

National Center for Health Statistics provides data on birth, death, disease, aging, health care, and more

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: provides data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States. The data is displayed in over 600 tables

Statistical Abstract of the United States: is a collection of over a thousand federal and state government as well as non-governmental statistics covering various topics. Areas of coverage include, population and vital statistics, health, economics, education, manufacturing, natural resources, transportation, and the U.S. Industrial Outlook. This resource is updated every two years

Uncle Sam’s Reference Shelf provides State Rankings from the Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Resources on the Web from the University of Michigan’s Documents Center is a central reference and referral point for government information (local, state, federal, foreign or international).

U.S. Statistics in Brief is a Statistical Abstract Supplement

World Factbook was originally published as the CIA Factbook to provide up-to-date country information to CIA operatives, this previously classified publication furnishes information on geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues