Monday, January 21st, 2019

Grammar & Writing Skills

Adjective or Adverb
APA Style
The Apostrophe
Articles: A vs. An
Capital Letters
Dangling Modifiers
How to Use Adjectives & Adverbs
How to Use Articles (a/an/the)
Independent & Dependent Clauses
MLA Style
Parallel Structure
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Quotation Marks
Subject/Verb Agreement
Transitions & Transitional Devices
Son of Citation Machine
Ted’s Punctuation Guide
Verb Tenses
Sentence Clarity
Sentence Fragments
Sentence Punctuation Patterns

Write with Jean 
Usage and Grammar
About Apostrophes
– Apostrophes Practice
– Apostrophes Practice ANSWERS
Can a Sentence Start with “But”?
Comma Rules Chart
Commas Made Simple
– Comma Rule 1
– Comma Rule 3
Crafting Better Sentences:
– Use “Although” Carefully
– Use “And” Carefully
– Use “It” Carefully
– Use “That” Carefully
Grammar Myths
How the Pros Use Hyphens
Overcoming Writer’s Block
– Part 1
– Part 2
The Plagiarism Problem
Thinking about Plagiarism
Pronouns Made Simple
Punctuation Boot Camp I
Punctuation Boot Camp II
Solving Sentence Problems
Subject-Verb Agreement
Ten Ways to Improve Your Writing
Updating Business Language
How to Write an Essay
Modes of Development
Organizing an Essay
Quiz: Do You Know How to Write an Essay?

Usage Videos and Podcasts
Apostrophes Video, Part I
Apostrophes Video: Part II
Comma Podcast
Comma Video: Rule 3 Interrupters
Comma Video: Rules 1 and 2
Pronoun Case Video (The Thumb Rule)