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  • Popular Free Podcasts:

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    Anatomy & Physiology:



    • Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon
    • Chemistry from MIT (scroll down to see available courses)

    Funeral Services:

    • Tobin Brothers Enduring Powers of Attorney, Role of the Executor, The Need to have a Will, etc.


    Health Professions:

    Respiratory Care:

    • Respiratory Care podcast summarizes the papers published in each issue of the Respiratory Care Journal. Podcasts briefly touch on each paper’s main points, and conclude with a personal assessment from Editor in Chief Dean R Hess PhD RRT FAARC regarding the clinical importance and “take home messages” found in that month’s issue. Our hope is that this service will help you become a better reader of the Respiratory Care Journal. By the American Association for Respiratory Care


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    List of Historical Podcasts by D. Arendale and Chris Teaser