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More Databases

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     contribution to the study of the mortuary custom
by H. C. Yarrow. New York: AMS Press, 1976.
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Is God still at the bedside? The medical, ethical, and pastoral issues of death and dying by Abigail Rian Evans.
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eBooks require EBSCO login info. Many more eBooks about funeral services are available through the Library’s EBSCO and other databases.

The afterlife of the Platonic soul reflections of Platonic psychology in the monotheistic religions by Maha
     Elkaisy-Friemuth and John M. Dillon. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2009.

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Encyclopedia of Death & Dying: Online encyclopedia

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Management of Dead Bodies After Disasters: A Field Manual for First Responders . Stephen Cordner, Rudi Coninx,
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The Material Culture of Death in Medieval Japan by Karen M. Gerhart. Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, 2009.

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     Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., editors. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2010.

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The World of Obituaries: Gender Across Cultures and Over Time by Mushira Eid. Detroit: Wayne State University
     Press, 2002.

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