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Books & eBooks These eBooks require EBSCO login info. Many more eBooks about education and teaching are available through the Library’s EBSCO and other databases.

    7 minute resumes by Dana Morgan. Call no: HF5383 .M595 2000

     11 practice tests for the AP exams by Call no: REF LB2353.62 .A14 2006

    50 rules kids won’t learn in school : real-world antidotes to feel-good education by Charles J. Sykes.
                   Call no: HQ769 .S95 2007

    Concise encyclopedia of special education edited by Cecil R. Reynolds, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen.
                   Call no: REF LC4007 .E53 2002

    Academic advising : a comprehensive handbook edited by Virginia Gordon, Wesley R. Habley, and associates.
                   Call no: LB2343 .A29 2000

    Accountability for learning : how teachers and school leaders can take charge by Douglas B. Reeves.
                   Call no: LB2806.22 .R44 2004

    Accredited institutions of postsecondary educaticopon, programs, candidates by Call no: REF L901 .A48

    Adults as learners by K. Patricia Cross. Call no: LC5219 .C744

    The aging work force: a guide for higher education administrators edited by Nancy Julius and Herbert H.
                  Krauss. Call no: LB2331.72 .A4 1993

    The American century : varieties of culture in modern times by Norman F. Cantor. Call no: CB425 .C28 1997.

    Arkansas higher education, 1971-1995 by H. D. Luck. Call no: LA240.5 .L83 1996

    Assessing student learning and development : a guide to the principles, goals, and methods of determining
                  college outcomes
by T. Dary Erwin. Call no: LB2822.75 .E78 199

    Bernie Trilling. 21st century skills : learning for life in our times by Call no: LA217.2 .T75 2009

    Beyond Little Rock : the origins and legacies of the Central High crisis by John A. Kirk.
                   Call no: E185.93.A8 K57 2007

    B.F. Skinner : a life by Daniel W. Bjork, Call no: BF109.S55 B46 1997

    Black firsts : 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events by Jessie Carney Smith.
                   Call no: REF E185 .B574 2003

    Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms by Will Richardson.
                  Call no: LB1044.87 .R53 2009

    Building online learning communities : effective strategies for the virtual classroom by Rena M. Palloff.
                  Call no: LC5805 .P35 2007

    Career directions. by Patricia L. Burch et al. Call no: HF5381.2 .C3744 1991

    Career pathways: education with a purpose by Daniel M. Hull. Call no: HF5382.5.U5 H8550 2005

    Catching up or leading the way : American education in the age of globalization by Yong Zhao.
                  Call no: LC66 .Z47 2009

    The challenge and practice of academic accreditation : a sourcebook for library      administrators edited by
                  Edward D. Garten. Call no: Z675.U5 C42 1994

Children of the Dust Bowl : the true story of the school at Weedpatch Camp by Jerry Stanley.
                  Call no: LC5152.C2 S73 199

Classroom assessment techniques : a handbook for college teachers by Thomas Angelo.
                  Call no: LB2822.75 .A54 1993

Classroom instruction that works with English language learners by Jane Hill. Call no: LC3731 .H554 2006

Community college fact book Elaine H. by El-Khawas. Call no: LB2328 .E47 1988

The complete turtletrader : the legend, the lessons, the results by Michael Covel. Call no: HG6046.5 .C68 2007

Collaborating online : learning together in community by Rena M. Palloff. Call no: LB1032.P334 2005

Coping in young children : early intervention practices to enhance adaptive behavior and resilience by Shirley
                  Zeitlin. Call no: HV888.5 .Z45 1994

Coping with college : a guide for academic success. by Alice L. Hamachek. Call no: LB2343.3 .H36 2007

Core indicators of effectiveness for community colleges by Richard Alfred et al. Call no: LB2328 .C6912 1999

Creative resources for the early childhood classroom. by Judy Herr. Call no: LB1140.4 .H47 2000 Reserve

Creative resources for infants and toddlers by Judy Herr. Call no: HQ774 .H475 1999 Reserve

Debating the future of American education : do we need national standards and assessments? edited by Diane
                  Ravitch. Call no: LB3060.83 .D43 1995

Designing and teaching an on-line course : spinning your web classroom by Heidi Schweizer.
                  Call no: LB1028.3 .S377 1999

Early childhood education Call no: LB1140.A1 R4

Early childhood education today by George S. Morrison. Call no: LB1139.25 .M66 2001

Education: a guide to reference and information sources by Nancy P. O’Brien. Englewood, CO: Libraries
                  Unlimited, c2000.

Education after Dewey by Paul Fairfield. London; New York : Continuum International Pub. Group, c2009.

Education and development. A human rights analysis by James Lynch. London ; Herndon, VA : Cassell, 1997.

Education and leadership edited by Tom Claes, Frank McMahon & David Seth Preston. Amsterdam; New York:
                  Rodopi, 2008.

Education and learning to think by Lauren B. Resnick. Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press, 1987.

Education and social change connecting local and global perspectives edited by Geoffrey Elliott, Chahid Fourali,
                  and Sally Issler. New York: Continuum International Pub. Group, c2010.

Education and the environment learning to live with limits by Gregory A. Smith. Albany : State University of New
                  York Press, c1992.

Education and the market place edited by David Bridges and Terence H. McLaughlin. London ; Washington, D.C.:
                  Falmer Press, 1994.

Education and the soul toward a spiritual curriculum by Miller, John P. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New
                  York Press, c2000.

Education and theory strangers in paradigms by Gary Thomas. Maidenhead; New York: Open University Press,

Education, dominance and identity edited by Diane B. Napier and Suzanne Majhanovich. Rotterdam; Boston:
                  Sense Publishers, c2013.

Education feminism : classic and contemporary readings edited by Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, and
                  Katharine M. Sprecher. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2013.

Education for all global promises, national challenges edited by David P. Baker, Alexander W. Wiseman.
                  Amsterdam; Boston : Elsevier JAI, 2007.

Education for democracy contexts, curricula, assessments edited by Walter C. Parker. Greenwich, CT:
                  Information Age Pub., c2002.

Education for intercultural citizenship concepts and comparisons edited by Geof Alred, Mike Byram and Mike
                  Fleming. Clevedon [England]; Buffalo, N.Y.: Multilingual Matters, c2006.

Education for patients and clients by Vivien E. Coates. London ; New York : Routledge, 1999.

Education for sustainable development challenges, strategies, and practices in a globalizing world edited by
                  Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Taisha Abraham, Farid Mirbagheri. New Delhi, India ; Thousand Oaks, CA:
                  Sage, 2010.

Education for the new frontier race, education and triumph in Jim Crow America (1867-1945) edited by Greg
                  Wiggan. Hauppauge, N.Y.: Nova Science Publishers, c2011.

Education in morality edited by J. Mark Halstead and Terence H. McLaughlin. London; New York: Routledge,

Education in Prison Studying Through Distance Learning by Emma Hughes. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd,

Education in the moral domain by Larry P. Nucci. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Education in the new Latino diaspora policy and the politics of identity edited by Stanton Wortham, Enrique G.
                  Murillo, Jr., and Edmund T. Hamann. Westport, Conn. : Ablex Pub., 2002.

Education, knowledge, and truth beyond the postmodern impasse edited by David Carr. London; New York:
                  Routledge, 2003.

The Education of African-Americans edited by Charles V. Willie, Antoine M. Garibaldi and Wornie L. Reed. New
                  York: Auburn House, 1991.

The education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. Call no: E175.5.A2 A3

Education of minorities and peace education in pluralistic societies edited by Yaacov Iram ; assistant editor,
                  Hillel Wahrman. Westport, CT. : Praeger, 2003.

The education of children in geographically remote regions through distance education perspectives and
                  lessons from Australia
by Elaine Lopes. Charlotte, NC : Information Age Pub., c2011.

Education policy globalization, citizenship and democracy by Mark Olssen. London Thousand Oaks, CA:
                  Sage, 2004.

Education, policy, and social justice learning and skills by James Avis. London ; New York : Continuum, 2007.

Education reform in Florida diversity and equity in public policy edited by Kathryn M. Borman, Sherman Dorn. Albany: State University of New York Press, c2007.

Education reforms in sub-Saharan Africa paradigm lost? by Jeanne Moulton et al. Westport, CT: Greenwood
                  Press, 2002.

Education studies essential issues edited by Steve Bartlett and Diana Burton. London ; Thousand Oaks, CA:
                  SAGE, 2003.

Education, technology, power educational computing as a social practice edited by Hank Bromley and Michael W.
                  Apple. Albany: State University of New York Press, c1998.

Education that Matters: Teachers, Critical Pedagogy and Development Education at Local and Global Level by
                  Mags Liddy. Oxford: Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2013.

Education to meet new challenges in a networked society by Leo Jansen.
                  Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publisher’s, c2009.

Education, work, and social capital towards a new conception of vocational training by Christopher Winch.
                  London; New York: Routledge, 2000.

Effective teaching with technology in higher education : foundations for success by Tony Bates.
                  Call no: LB2331 .B378 2003

English–our official language? edited by Bee Gallegos. Call no: P119.32.U6 E54 1994

Essentialism: common sense quality improvement by Desna L. Wallin. Call no: LB2341 .W265 1994

Everything for fall : a complete activity book for teachers of young children. edited by Kathy Charner.
                  Call no: LB1139.35.A37 E84 1997 Reserve

Everything for spring : a complete activity book for teachers of young children edited by Kathy Charner.
                  Call no: LB1139.35.A37 E847 1997 Reserve

Everything for winter : a complete activity book for teachers of young children edited by Anne Marie Casey.
                  Call no: LB1139.35.A37 E85 1997 Reserve

The evidence for quality : strengthening the tests of academic and administrative effectiveness by E. Grady
                  Bogue. Call no: LB2806.22 .B64 1992

Exploring your role : a practitioner’s introduction to early childhood education by Mary Renck Jalongo.
                  Call no: LB1139.25 .J35 2000

Foundations : early childhood education in a diverse society by Janet Gonzalez-Mena.
                  Call no: LB1139.23 .G65 2001

From standards to success : a guide for school leaders by Mark R. O’Shea. Call no: LB3060.83 .O84 2005

The gift of dyslexia : why some of the brightest people can’t read and how they can learn by Ronald D. Davis.
                  Call no: LB1050.5 .D36 2004

Half the sky : turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof.
                  Call no: HQ1236.5.D44 K75 2009

The HEP … higher education directory Call no: L901 .E34

The higher education manager’s handbook : effective leadership and management in universities and colleges
                  by Peter McCaffery. Call no: LB2341.8.G7 M39 2004

How children learn by John Caldwell Holt. Call no: LB1060 .H64 1995

How college affects students : findings and insights from twenty years of research by Ernest T. Pascarella.
                  Call no: LA229 .P34 1991

How to give effective feedback to your students by Susan M. Brookhart. Call no: LB1033 .B658 2008

How to thrive as a teacher leader by John G. Gabriel. Call no: LB2806.45 .G33 2005

Illiberal education : the politics of race and sex on campus by Dinesh D’Souza. Call no: LA227.4 .D77 1991

Improving college teaching : strategies for developing instructional effectiveness by Maryellen Weimer.
                  Call no: LB2331 .W37 1990

The individual, society, and education : a history of American educational ideas by Clarence J. Karier.
                  Call no: LA205 .K3 1986

The Japanese educational challenge : a commitment to children by Merry I. White. Call no: LA1312 .W44 1987

Learning to listen, learning to teach : the power of dialogue in educating adults by Jane Kathryn Vella.
                  Call no: LC5225.L42 V45 2002

A Legal guide for student affairs professionals by William A. Kaplin. Call no: KF4243 .K36 1997

Library services for career planning, job searching, and employment opportunities edited by Byron Anderson.
                  Call no: Z711.92.U53 L54 1992

Making sounds, making music, and many other activities for infants : 7 to 12 months by Judy Herr.
                  Call no: HQ774 .H4755 2003 Reserve

Measuring student development edited by Gary R. Hanson. Call no: LB2343.4

Multicultural and diversity education : a reference handbook by Peter Michael Appelbaum.
                  Call no: LC1099.3 .A66 2002

No neutral ground : standing by the values we prize in higher education by Robert B. Young.
                  Call no: LA227.4 .Y68 1997

Off-campus library services by Call no: Z675.U5 O452 2001

Opportunities in allied health careers by Alex Kacen. Call no: R697.A4 K315 2005

Opportunities in health and medical careers by Leo D’Orazio. Call no: R690 .D67 2004

Opportunities in medical imaging careers by Clifford J. Sherry. Call no: RC78.7.D53 S45 2006

Opportunities in nutrition careers by Carol C. Caldwell. Call no: RM218.5 .C35 2005

Overcoming student failure : changing motives and incentives for learning by Martin V. Covington.
                  Call no: LB1065 .C656 1996

Patterson’s American education by Call no: REF L901 .P3

Power up: a practical student’s guide to online learning by Stacey Barrett. Call no: LB1028.5 .B357 2009

The practice of patient education by Barbara Klug Redman. Call no: RT90 .R43 1997

Productive group work : how to engage students, build teamwork, and promote understanding by Nancy Frey.
                  Call no: LB1032 .F78 2009

Professors are from Mars, students are from Snickers : how to write and deliver humor in the classroom and in
                  professional presentations
by Ronald A. Berk. Call no: LB2326 .B47 2003

P.S. your not listening by Eleanor Craig. Call no: LC4169 .C72 1972

Raising freethinkers : a practical guide for parenting beyond belief. by Dale McGowan.
                  Call no: BL2777.R4 M34 2009

Rattle time, face to face, and many other activities for infants : birth to 6 months by Judy Herr.
                  Call no: HQ774 .H4756 2003 Reserve

Redefining the color line : Black activism in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1940-1970. by John A. Kirk.
                  Call no: F419.L7 K57 2002

Rhyming books, marble painting, and many other activities for toddlers : 25 to 36 months by Judy Herr.
                  Call no: HQ774.5 .H4727 2003 Reserve

Savage inequalities : children in America’s schools by Jonathan Kozol. Call no: LC4091 .K69 1992

Sorting shapes, show me, and many other activities for toddlers : 13 to 24 months by Judy Herr.
                  Call no: HQ774.5 .H473 2003 Reserve

Strategic change in colleges and universities : planning to survive and prosper by Daniel James Rowley.
                   Call no: LB2341 .R69 1997

Teaching about culture, ethnicity & diversity exercises and planned activities edited by Theodore M. Singelis.

Teaching about place learning from the land edited by Laird Christensen and Hal Crimmel.

Teaching about teaching purpose, passion, and pedagogy in teacher education by edited by John Loughran and
                  Tom Russell.

Teaching and learning difficulties cross-curricular perspectives by Peter S. Westwood.

Teaching and learning English through bilingual education edited by Juan de Dios Martínez Agudo.

Teaching and learning English worldwide edited by James Britton, Robert E. Shafer, and Ken Watson.

Teaching arts and science with the new social media edited by Charles Wankel, in collaboration with Matthew
                  Marovich, Kyle Miller, Jurate Stanaityte.

Teaching ethics and values in public administration programs innovations, strategies, and issues edited by
                  James S. Bowman and Donald C. Menzel.

Teaching for health : the nurse as health educator by Lyn C. Coutts. Call no: RT86.3 .C68 1985

Teaching for wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and success by Robert J. Sternberg.

Teaching in tandem effective co-teaching in the inclusive classroom by Gloria Lodato Wilson.

Teaching in the 21st century adapting writing pedagogies to the college curriculum edited by Alice Robertson
                  and Barbara Smith.

Teaching information literacy : 35 practical, standards-based exercises for college students by Joanna M.
                  Burkhardt. Call #: ZA3075 .B87 2003

Teaching information literacy 50 standards-based exercises for college students by Joanna M. Burkhardt.

Teaching Islam edited by Brannon M. Wheeler.

Teaching race with a gendered edge teaching with gender, European women’s studies in international and
                  interdisciplinary classrooms
edited by Brigitte Hipfl and Kristin Loftsdóttir.

Teaching religion, teaching truth theoretical and empirical perspectives by Jeff Astley et al.

Teaching secondary mathematics with ICT edited by Sue Johnston-Wilder and David Pimm.

Teaching sport and leisure 14+ by Cliff Huggett.

Teaching students thinking skills and strategies a framework for cognitive education in inclusive settings
                  by Dorothy R. Howie.

Teaching the world University of Alberta linking research and teaching.

Teaching, tutoring and training in the lifelong learning sector by Susan Wallace.

Teaching with e-learning in the lifelong learning sector by Chris Hill.

Teaching with the records of early English drama edited by Elza C. Tiner.

Teaching young children mathematics by Sydney L. Schwartz.

Tested : one American school struggles to make the grade by Linda Perlstein. Call no: LD7501.A493 P47 2007

Theme kits made easy by Leslie Silk Eslinger. Call no: LB1029.U6 E84 2002 Reserve

Understanding educational reform : a reference handbook by Raymond A. Horn. Call no: LA209.2 .H58 2002

Understanding mental retardation by Patricia Ainsworth, M.D. Call no: RC570 .A43 2004

The unfinished agenda of Brown v. Board of Education by James Anderson and Dara N. Byrne.
                  Call no: KF4155 .U54 2004

Vocational instructionedited by Aleene A. Cross. Call no: LC1044 .V63

The wage gap edited by Christina Fisanick. Call no: HD4975 .W29 2008

What matters in college? : four critical years revisited by Alexander W. Astin. Call no: LA229 .A7948 1993

What works in schools : translating research into action by Robert J. Marzano. Call no: LB2822.82 .M37 2003

What’s up?: activities for responding to children’s lives by E. Sandy Powell.
                  Call no: LB1139.35.A37 P69 2003 Reserve

Winthrop Rockefeller, philanthropist : a life of change by John L. Ward. Call no: F415.3.R62 W378 2004

Working toward strategic change : a step-by-step guide to the planning process by Michael G. Dolence.
                  Call no: LB2341 .D65 1997

The world is open: how Web technology is revolutionizing education by Curtis Jay Bonk.
                   Call no: LB1044.87 .B66 2009