Monday, January 21st, 2019

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American Literature
Alex’s American Literature
American Literature
The American Literature Archive
American Literature Sites – Washington State University
American Verse Project
Bartleby Library
Children’s Literature Web Guide
Free Booknotes
Glossary of Literary Terms
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Key Sites on American Literature
Knowing Poe: The Literature and Life of Edgar Allan Poe
Literary Criticism
Literary Movements
Mark Twain in His Times
On-Line Books Page
Poetry and Literature
Poets’ Corner
Project Gutenberg
Sonnet Central
Spark Notes
Timeless Hemingway
Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture

Art & Architecture

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
American Museum of Photography
Art History Resources on the Web
Artlex: Dictionary of Visual Art
Cities/Buildings Database
Digital Archive of American Architecture
Glass Museum On Line
Internet Art Resources
Imagebase from San Francisco Fine Arts Museums
Islamic Art
Perseus Project
The Smithsonian Institution
Web Museum, Paris

Dictionaries & Thesauri
Lexical Freenet
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Cornell University
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World Digital Library
250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives

Grammar & Writing Skills

Adjective or Adverb
APA Style
The Apostrophe
Articles: A vs. An
Capital Letters
Dangling Modifiers
How to Use Adjectives & Adverbs
How to Use Articles (a/an/the)
Independent & Dependent Clauses
MLA Style
Parallel Structure
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Quotation Marks
Subject/Verb Agreement
Transitions & Transitional Devices
Son of Citation Machine
Ted’s Punctuation Guide
Verb Tenses
Sentence Clarity
Sentence Fragments
Sentence Punctuation Patterns
Write with Jean

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Grammar & Writing
Speeches & Quotations
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The African Music Encyclopedia
The American Folklife Center
The American Variety Stage
Anglicans Online | Music Resources
Bach’s Tour Of Musical Instruments
Best Web Sites: Music
Bibliographic Databases
Billboard Magazine
Celebrating Jazz
Children’s / Kid’s Music Resources on the Web
Classical Music Web Directory
Demo Recording Sites
Different Music Periods & Specific Composers
Essentials of Music
Evolution of the Instruments
eXcites’s Music page
Flutterby Entertainment
Full-Text Music Databases
Glossary of Musical Terms
Gregorian Chant Resources
History of Classical Music
History of Jazz
History of Rock Music by Piero Scaruffi
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Music Award Sites
Music Flashcards
Music Heritage Network: Instrument Encyclopedia
Music Libraries
Music Notes: An Interactive Musical Experience
Music Organizations
Music Production Industry & Copyright Laws
Music of the Renaissance
Music Resources for Teachers
Musically Inclined: ThinkQuest
The Music and Sounds of Venice
Native American Music Sites
Online Music Encyclopedia
Online Music Scores
The People and History of Jazz Music
Public Domain Music
Public Domain Music Sequenced by Benjamin Robert Tubb
Sound and Image Databases and Collections
The Symphony Orchestra
The World of Music